11 Life-Saving Bullet Journal Ideas That Will Get Your Finances In Order

As an avid bullet journalist, I created 11 Life-Saving Bullet Journal Ideas That Will Get Your Finances In Order because I know I am always looking at what I can add to my bullet journal that will help me have a better life. My current fascination is with my finances. I am good with money as far as not being in debt. A fan of Dave Ramsey, I know that I shouldn’t use credit cards but this is what works for me. I had gotten a divorce and needed to build my personal credit since it showed me with very little on my own. In addition, I use it for all of my expenses and pay it off every payday and doing so has provided me with great rewards since they are all rewards cards.

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But I wanted to take it further.  I want to track spending as well as save for a condo. As a single person, I do not want a big house but want something of my own as well as having the deduction on my taxes.

For my research into what I wanted to add to my journal, I wasn’t just looking at finance spreads, but taking it a step further to incorporate Dave Ramsey methods which include things like an emergency fund, the debt snowball, 3-6 month savings and more. As Americans, we live too much paycheck to paycheck. I understand living paycheck to paycheck if you aren’t making much but so many make good incomes but want bigger and better.

I hope these financial spreads help you either get started or progress in bullet journaling and saving your money. Let me know which ones ‘spoke to you’. Better yet, shoot me a photo of your financial spreads. I’d love to see your take on it!

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Bullet Journal 101: What you need & Gorgeous Layouts To Inspire You To Start

What you need to start:

Before you move into the lovely bullet journal spreads I have to show you, I want to recommend some of the products I use for my own bullet journaling.

Now let’s get you looking at these awesome bujo spreads…

Total Money Makeover

This one is done as a checklist of what they want to accomplish from obtaining health insurance to their debt snowball.

Baby steps

Debt Snowball

Debt Snowball 2

Debt Tracker

Savings Layout

Monthly Spending Layout

Saving For A Home Layout

Sinking Funds from @jen_plans
Credit Card Tracker
via http://thepetiteplanner.com/
Monthly Spending Layout
via http://thepetiteplanner.com/
Track Spending
via http://thepetiteplanner.com/
 Budget Tracker
Expense Tracker
No-Spend Tracker Idea
 Money Saving Plan
Spending Log
Saving Goals
Tracking Expenses
Gift Tracker
Overspending is an issue for most of us at holiday time. Keeping a journal spread with gift ideas and what you ultimately purchased and spent is a great tool to keep you financially in check.
There is a plethora of finance information on Pinterest from Dave Ramsey to frugal living, to get you started on a better life. Be sure to follow me on Pinterest for more great ideas. Pick the journal layouts that work for you and your financial situation. Get started now and get your debt paid off. Let me know if you have questions and what system worked for your circumstances. I can’t wait to hear from you!


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  1. I copied your layout design for saving up a down payment, but I altered it so that I’m counting down how much I still owe on my mortgage. I can’t wait to color in the bricks every month when I make my mortgage payment! 🙂

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