10 Heart Warming Valentine’s Day DIY Gifts

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With Valentine’s Day coming up you’re probably looking for budget ways to show the man in your life that you love him and if you enjoy crafting, incorporate some fun activities into your day. I also think handmade gifts are more special. After all, what better way to show you care than to put time and effort into a heartfelt and handmade gift. I’ve got you covered with 10 Heart Warming Valentine’s Day DIY Gifts! If one of these inspires you to craft for your special someone, I’d love to see the results!

A DIY Valentine Mug

Just peruse Pinterest and you will find several versions of the Sharpie Mug.  Use one of those or use their idea to spark your own creativity and come up with your own.

DIY Sharpie Plate

Another Sharpie project that’s similar to the mug. Write what you like and maybe bake some treats to go on top for presenting…

Framed Print

Free printable, you just grab the frame!

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Stud Muffin

Bake up some homemade muffins and print the cute and free stud muffin tags.

He’s Such a Catch

Key To My Heart

Valentine Lightbulb

I Love You

Make or buy a picture mat and personalize with a poem, song lyrics, or all the things you love about him.

DIY String Heart

Photo Coasters


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