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14 Reasons You’ll Want a Can of Cooking Spray Handy

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14 Reasons You’ll Want a Can of Cooking Spray Handy 2

Today’s post is all about the can of cooking spray many of you have up in your cabinet. Funny thing is, I really don't have a can of cooking spray. Most of you use it to keep things from sticking to pans like when making a cake. But, guess what?! There is a multitude of ways other than cooking to use that can of cooking spray! If you are only using it for cooking, you are missing out on its full potential!

Doesn't it sound crazy that an item you use to grease pans can actually clean?! But, I will tell you that it is true. In my research, I tested prior to sharing. What I have compiled for you are my favorite uses for that cooking spray. And these are useful on everything from the bathroom to lubrication. And for someone like me who didn't use it, I'll now be keeping some on hand!

Extraordinary Cooking Spray Tricks

What Works-

14 Reasons You’ll Want a Can of Cooking Spray Handy 3

Quiet Squeaky Hinges

This is my all-time favorite and back when I started doing this myself, I actually had no internet to refer to so it was my own gem lol. Squeaky hinges on a door are so annoying. Am I right? Well, try being stealth as a mom and trying to not wake littles with a squeaky door. No bueno. It's super simple. Just lightly spritz the offending hinge and then swing so that it works in. I personally hold a paper towel below where I spray so that it doesn't drip.

Food Containers

You may not be this OCD (lol) but I hate my food containers (Tupperware, Gladware, etc) to have food stains (ie. pasta sauce). I heard this tip many years ago and have used it in the past (I now work from home so now I remove food from the container and heat on a plate for the microwave or an oven-safe container for the oven). What you'll do to prevent stains is lightly spray the container with cooking spray prior to putting the food in it.   The spray is a barrier between the container and food.

14 Reasons You’ll Want a Can of Cooking Spray Handy 4

Hard Locks

Every once in a while you'll have a lock that's hard to turn, sometimes just hard to even get the key in. Lightly spray the key with cooking spray. When you go to slide it in the lock, you'll do so with ease and it will spread the coating within the mechanism to allow the lock to work easier.

 Sticky Liquids

Sometimes in cooking a recipe calls for an ingredient (honey, syrup) to be measured that sticks to your measuring cup or spoon. The next time you find an ingredient like this, spray your measuring spoon or cup with cooking spray so the ingredient slips right out.

Shower Door

I hate the water spots and soap scum that shower doors get. They can be next to impossible to get clean. I have a tip that will make cleaning a breeze. Lightly spray the glass doors with your cooking spray and let sit about 5 minutes.  Then clean per usual making sure to clean the floor well so that no one slips if residual spray had gotten on the floor.

Shaping Meat

My family likes pork cutlets and meatloaf. However, I hate the meat sticking to me as I shape it. It also slows me down as the clumps that build want to do their own thing. Next time, spray your hands with cooking spray first. This will allow you to shape your loaves, patties, cutlets with ease and save time.


Again with the water spots! I hate them on fixtures as well! Not to mention, I like high shine. You can get it by spraying a tiny bit on your bathroom fixtures and then buff to a shine with your microfiber cloth.


Before shredded Velveeta was available, I was grating my own. Nothing sticks to a grater like Velveeta. That's when I started using cooking spray to prevent it from sticking. It's as easy as lightly spraying the inside and outside of the grater.


Prolong the need to defrost your freezer by lightly spraying the inside of the freezer with cooking spray, followed by wiping, leaving a thin layer. This makes it harder for ice to adhere to the freezers surface.


You'd think since it is cooking spray that it is greasy itself but when your hands have gotten greasy, spraying cooking spray on your hands and rubbing as if you are washing, will move the grease. Follow by washing your hands.

Soap Scum

As previously stated, water spots and soap scum are the banes of my existence. But this handy tip helps me to get off even the toughest soap scum. Spray the tub or shower with cooking spray, wait a few minutes allowing the spray to break it down. Follow by a few squirts of dawn. Scrub and rinse clean.

What I Haven’t Tested

Bugs On Cars

While bugs are everywhere, here in Florida, we have a real issue with Lovebugs. They are like cement on your car. And it isn't just one. It can be hundreds of black spots. They are so hard to remove and the actual attempt of removal can damage the car.

Now, I have not tried this as I do not have a car, but supposedly if you lightly spray the bugs and wait a few minutes, and come back using a microfiber cloth will remove the bug and its remnants.

I'm not sure I would try this unless I'd spoken to a car expert. A car is a big investment and I am not sure I would risk damaging my paint finish. What do you think? Has anyone tried this?

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Since I am in Florida, shoveling snow is a non-issue for me. However, having been born and raised in the Midwest, I know what a backbreaker it is. The snow tends to stick to the shovel, slowing you down. To ease the burden of shoveling, spray both sides of your snow shovel with cooking spray. It'll slice through and slide right off.

14 Reasons You’ll Want a Can of Cooking Spray Handy 5


If you are anything like me, I hate to sit still for any length of time without being occupied. The same is true for painting my nails. They say you can speed the drying time by giving fresh polish a quick, light spray with cooking spray. I've also heard you can follow the spray with running under ice cold water. Have any of you tried this? Any confirmation of it working?




Some of my best tips come from you, my readers. Do you have a favorite cooking spray tip that I haven't covered? I'd love to hear from you!


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