10 Practical Cooking Chart Tips and Hacks Every Cook Needs 1
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10 Practical Cooking Chart Tips and Hacks Every Cook Needs

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cooking chart tips and hacksWhether you’re a new cook or a more practiced cook,  we all need a Cooking Chart Tips and Hacks here and there to make life easier.  Honestly, when I first got married, I had never cooked before. Like, everyone else, I had to learn. In my case, I had to do so on my own. I didn't have a mom or Grandmother to teach me. Just like anything else in life, there is a satisfaction in learning and succeeding at a new skill.  

Even the most practiced cooks still need to learn a skill or hack here and there.  So whether your struggle is measurements or what tool to use, I have researched what are the most struggled areas and brought to you the best infographics to cover these skills. Skills you can and will learn. It's also so much easier when the tips are all in one place. So, be sure to pin this to save it and have them ready when you need them. 

Cooking Chart Tips and Hacks

How to Store Your Groceries

My first tip is the most important. How to store your food is important not only to prevent illness but so that the food, and ultimately the dish will taste its optimal flavor. And let's be honest, no one wants to waste hard earned money.

Cooking Chart Tips & Hacks
Infograph: Buzzfeed


Kitchen Cheat Sheet

This handy guide is comprehensive and one you'll want to keep around. Measurements, cuts of meat, cooking times for foods, and more. 


Cooking Chart Tips & Hacks
Infograph from Everest.


Seasoning Foods with Spices

Knowing what spice to use in combination with another and what foods they go ith is important. As is the amount. Ever had anything overseasoned? It's not pretty. Using this chart will help you develop the skill over time to be comfortable with seasonings. 

Cooking Chart Tips & Hacks
Infograph: Cook Smarts.


Cooking Terms

When following a recipe the understanding of cooking terms is of the utmost importance. This chart will help you understand the term and the process.

Cooking Chart Tips & Hacks
Infograph: Style Caster

Not all of us are cooking pros which is why we need all the help we can get. Especially when it comes to translating recipe instructions and what the different terms mean.

Baking Substitutions

Cooking Chart Tips & Hacks
Infograph: EreplacementParts

A Perfect Boiled Egg

You'll understand the importance when you want an egg for salad or an egg for Ramen. These times will help you present the perfect egg.

Cooking Chart Tips & Hacks
Infograph: Greatist

Conversion Charts

You'd be surprised how many times I've come across a European recipe I needed to convert. This chart will help with oven temps, measurements, etc. 

Cooking Chart Tips & Hacks
Infograph: JavaCupcake


Odds are, at some point, you'll want to stir-fry. This chart helps you select your ingredients, how to cook, etc. 

Cooking Chart Tips & Hacks
Infograph: MyFitnessPal

50 Kitchen Hacks

These hacks will save you so much time in the kitchen. In fact, I've already adopted some myself! 


Cooking Chart Tips & Hacks
Infograph: Fine Dining Lovers

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Perfectly Grilled Food

For perfectly grilled food, refer to this chart for grilling.

Cooking Chart Tips & Hacks
Infograph: Visual News


I hope these Cooking Chart Tips & Hacks inspire you to step outside the box and expand your skills. 



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