One DIY Powerhouse Tub and Shower Cleaner That Does All The Work

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There’s one area of cleaning I always dread, it’s tub and shower cleaning. I feel like it never fully gets as clean as I want and I am scrubbing for what seems like forever. Since I am in a new place, and there’s no water softener, I suspect it’s the combination of hard water mixed with soap scum that was impervious to any cleaners I used thus far.

Well, that is until I found my DIY powerhouse shower cleaner. This gem was said to clean soap scum like nothing else, eradicate stains, as well as hard water deposits. I’d seen many people loving this so I knew there had to be something there, right?! Since I tried so many other things already, I’ll admit, I was still dubious but was willing to try because the ingredients are cheap and things I always have on hand.

It’s super simple to mix up a batch of the powerhouse tub and shower cleaner. Once I did, I applied a generous amount to the offending tub which was the bane of my existence. Remember, it’s cheap so no need to skimp. After I applied, I let it do its job, leaving it alone for an hour while I went and worked on other projects. After an hour, I simply wiped it down with my sponge, followed by a good rinse. I was astonished by what I found! So many other cleaners and so much money down the drain, literally and this cleaner had succeeded to infiltrate that obstinate, cruddy, soap-scum film to release the spotless, polished surface beneath. I really thought the tub would need replacing. Now I am sharing the secret so you can also make your own Powerhouse tub and shower cleaner.

DIY Powerhouse Tub & Shower Cleaner

As I said, making this Powerhouse tub and shower cleaner is super cheap and easy. Simply measure equal parts Dawn and white vinegar. My bottle holds 1 cup of each so that’s what I used.

Take the white vinegar and heat in your microwave until just hot. For mine, it was about 1 minute. Pour right into the spray bottle once heated.

Followed immediately by pouring in Dawn with the white vinegar. Attach the lid of the bottle and shake gently in order to mix.

Directions For Use

Apply generously to your offending tub or shower, being sure it is well-ventilated.  As many do not like the smell of vinegar, you may want to turn on the fan or open the window. Depending on the severity of your issue, let this sit. I let mine sit an hour while I worked elsewhere. I followed with a wipe down and a good rinse.

How It Works

Quite simply, this Powerhouse tub and shower cleaner work because of the two amazing cleaners combined into one Powerhouse cleaner. The vinegar is tough on grime, soap scum and odors. Dawn is also tough on stains, dirt, and grease. It’s also beneficial to the cleaner mix by thickening, allowing it to cling to the areas to penetrate. Both have about a hundred other uses!

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Not that you’ll enjoy cleaning but you’ll be happier and have satisfaction since it actually works! Let me know how it worked for you! I’d love to hear and see your photos!

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