Indulge in Cold Case Ice Cream: A Scrumptious Adventure for Family Fun 1
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Indulge in Cold Case Ice Cream: A Scrumptious Adventure for Family Fun

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Discover the joy of Cold Case Ice Cream! Dive into their family-friendly, mystery-themed ice cream adventure with hand-crafted flavors that delight everyone. Ideal for parties and gatherings.



Cold Case Ice Cream


Embarking on a Cold Case Ice Cream Adventure

Picture this: a bright and breezy Saturday, homes filled with the joyful sounds of kids and grandkids. What better way to enhance this perfect day than with luxurious, hand-crafted ice cream from Cold Case? The journey begins with the 'Build Your Case' box – a treasure trove of flavors, each one more enticing than the last.

Unboxing Joy – A Visual and Flavorful Feast

As families unbox their chosen six flavors from over 15 award-winning varieties, the air buzzes with excitement. Priced at $99, this box isn't just about ice cream; it's an experience. Included is a beautifully crafted Cold Case branded silver shovel spoon, which adds a playful and elegant touch to the ice cream adventure.

A Symphony of Flavors – A Scoop for Every Taste

Each flavor is an exploration of taste and texture. From the deep, velvety richness of Chocolate Fudge to the bright, zesty notes of Mango Tango, every scoop celebrates Cold Case's mastery of ice cream craft. The 'Open & Shut Case' box, priced at $139, elevates the experience further with six unique, limited edition flavors, a luxurious gold shovel spoon, engaging Incident Reports, and the captivating Cold Case Mystery Game.

Beyond Ice Cream – Crafting Family Memories

This is where the true magic happens. As families indulge in the creamy delights, they're drawn together by the Cold Case Mystery Game. It's not just about savoring ice cream; it's about laughter, bonding, and creating memories. This experience transforms a simple dessert into a night of joy, laughter, and family bonding.

Effortless Party Planning – Delivered Right to Your Door

One of Cold Case's most appealing aspects is the ease of hosting it brings. The luxury of having these exquisite flavors delivered right to your doorstep means more time enjoying the moment and less time preparing. It's an ideal solution for anyone seeking an effortless yet memorable gathering.

Catering to All – A Treat for Every Palate

Cold Case Ice Cream is a unifier, catering to the varied tastes of families. Whether it's the pickiest of eaters or the most discerning gourmet lovers, there's something for everyone. This vast selection ensures that each family gathering is filled with smiles and satisfaction, making it a hit for all ages.

Concluding the Sweet Journey – Memories to Savor

To conclude, the Cold Case Ice Cream experience is about much more than just enjoying a frozen dessert. It's about creating warm, lasting memories, sharing laughter, and enjoying the joy of togetherness. It's a reminder of how a simple pleasure like ice cream can bring people together, creating moments of happiness and lasting memories.

So, why wait? Embark on your Cold Case Ice Cream journey and create your own delightful stories. After all, it's not just ice cream – it's an adventure in every scoop, a story in every lick, and a joyous journey in every bite!

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