20 Simple and Efficient DIY Laptop Stand Ideas for Your Workspace 1
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20 Simple and Efficient DIY Laptop Stand Ideas for Your Workspace

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Do you find yourself struggling to work on your laptop because you can't get a good angle? You're not the only one! Many people have trouble finding a comfortable position for their laptops, which is why these DIY Laptop Stand Ideas are so popular.


DIY Laptop Stand Ideas


With so many people working from home due to Covid or those who are rethinking the 9-5 workday, they might be finding themselves struggling to work on a laptop because they can't get a good angle? Sound familiar?

In this blog post, we've gathered 15 innovative homemade laptop stand ideas that will help you create the perfect workspace for your needs. Some of these homemade stands are even designed to be used in bed or while traveling!

First off - who says homemade must mean old-fashioned? You don't need hundreds of dollars worth of tools to build yourself an awesome desk set up; all you'll need is some creativity (and whatever's lying around). If there's one thing we know about people working remotely, it's how important being able to work from anywhere is to them.

Ultimately, going homemade means you're saving money and avoiding unnecessary clutter around your house (plus, who doesn't love homemade?).

These DIY ideas will give you a variety of options for your workspace and help make it easier on your body so that you don't get as tired or sore when working from home.

DIY Laptop Stand Ideas


  1. Pallet Wood Laptop Stand from The Handy Mano
  2. DIY Laptop or Monitor Stand from Ana White
  3. DIY Laptop Sofa Table from TwoFeetFirst
  4. DIY Laptop Stand from a Butcher Block Cutting Board from Audrey Would!
  5. A Better Laptop Stand for Bed from Instructables
  6. DIY Laptop Stand Using Scrap Wood from Anika Gandhi
  7. DIY Laptop Stand from Handmade Weekly
  8. One-Hour DIY Laptop Desk from A Butterfly House | Home DIY
  9. Laptop Stand from Instructables
  10. Cheap Laptop Stand from Shelterness
  11. DIY Copper Laptop Table from House of Jade
  12. PVC Laptop Stand from Handimania
  13. DIY Laptop Stand or Monitor Stand with Plans from The Handyman's Daughter
  14. Hack Ikea Vittsjo Laptop Stand with a Butcher Block from Simphome
  15. Laptop Stand from Kreg Tool
  16. DIY Laptop Stand from an Old TV Tray from Crafting a Green World
  17. Laptop Stand (based on IKEA Brackets) from Instructables
  18. Cheap and chic industrial style laptop stand from IKEA Hackers
  19. Shelves and galvanized pipes into portable work tray from Our house now a home
  20. DIY folding lap desk from Jen Woodhouse of The House of Wood

Whether you build or buy, you may want to consider a Portable Lightweight Chill Mat that provides Ventilation and Prevents Overheating.

In the end, what's really important is that you find a laptop stand idea or two from this list that works for your needs. Once you get the hang of these DIYs, it becomes simple enough to make one in just minutes and without any tools! And if we've missed anything on our list - let us know so we can add it too. What are some of your favorite designs?


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