Adding Stylish Touches of Boho Décor to your Home 1

Adding Stylish Touches of Boho Décor to your Home

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Adding Stylish Touches of Boho Décor to your Home – Knock your homes aesthetic out of the park with these absolutely phenomenal ideas! These ideas for Adding Stylish Touches of Boho Décor to your Home are easy to accomplish and is a perfect fit for anyone loving the boho look. 



Adding Stylish Touches of Boho Décor to your Home 2



Boho decor is perfect for those us who want to live in a home that reflects our inner free-spirit. And there’s really no wrong way of messing up this décor style. 


You can easily recreate this shabby chic style by including a few organic elements like raffia and linen fabrics, potted plants, wooden accents, hats, and hand woven blankets. 


As long as you’re using interesting patterns full of swanky color schemes, organic elements, and a couple of plants, you can turn any home into a unique, carefree space. 



Adding Stylish Touches of Boho Décor to your Home 3


Make the House Feel More Organic with Boho Décor


Go for a natural and relaxing color palette such as white, light beige, sand, and off-white for the walls of your home, but don’t stop there. 


Your bedding, flower vases, furniture, bookshelves, and even coffee tables and plant holders should be neutral too. Boho décor isn’t about cluttering the space with bold patterns and prints. 




With a natural base palette, incorporate a few natural materials such as wooden baskets, rattan ottomans, Papier-mâché sculptures, and plenty of greenery to give your home that delightful Bohemian vibe.


Here’s a spectacular Taran Feather Wall Hanging that’s made out of bamboo, feathers, and adds a nice pop of texture. 



Adding Stylish Touches of Boho Décor to your Home 4


Add some Raffia Baskets to the Mix


Like rattan, raffia is the perfect way to add a bohemian natural accent to your space. Raffia baskets and trays serve both a functional and decor purpose. 


Raffia baskets, bowls, and trays are usually handmade. Sometimes, they’re even wrapped with coiled banana leafs and reclaimed plastic.





Use them as laundry baskets, bookshelf décor, or even as a receptacle to store clutter that doesn’t seem to belong anywhere else like extra cables or magazines. You can also hang them on a wall to add a pop of color and texture. 


Here are a few of my favorites: 


Adding Stylish Touches of Boho Décor to your Home 5
By Unknown artisan. Photo by auctioneer -, Public Domain,



Incorporate Suzani Patterns


Suzani is a tribal textile or silk embroidery that’s quite common in Central Asia. But these colorful patterns are used to make all sorts of items such as cushions, pillows, throws and quilts that can enhance any bedroom or living room in a snap. 

Add a few Suzani rugs or wall hangings to introduce that eclectic “I traveled around the world” Boho feel to your home. 


*Example of Suzani rug:

Adding Stylish Touches of Boho Décor to your Home 6



Add Macramé Wall Art


Nothing screams boho quite like a handmade Macramé wall hanging. This often-neutral colored textile is made through weaving and sometimes knitting techniques. 


Macramé adds that extra oomph to any area of the house that needs a little more pop. 


You can easily recreate any of these yourself, but for those of us who don’t have time for that, here are a couple of Macramé wall hanging art pieces available on Etsy, Amazon, and Anthropologie. 





Adding Stylish Touches of Boho Décor to your Home 4



Incorporate A Few Cultural Pieces


The great thing about Boho décor is that it can make a home feel like a cultural center. In fact, anyone walking into a bohemian-inspired home would assume the homeowner is some kind of globetrotter that has traveled all over the world and collected beautiful pieces along the way.


With Boho décor, the possibilities are endless. So to make it easier on you, here are my favorite boho pieces which can accentuate any space:


  • This set of 3 circle raffia African inspired mirrors. It’s a great accent to add texture to a wall:



Adding Stylish Touches of Boho Décor to your Home 8



Add Printable Botanicals to Walls


Something as basic as a potted plant, a cactus, or a printable botanical can bring some major Boho vibes to your home. And the best thing is that you can download these printables and print them at home, or buy them online on Amazon or Etsy. 





Boho Décor 


Introduce Drama to Your Space


Usually, we try to stay away from drama, but in this case, a splash of drama can add some personality, warmth, and texture to your space. Place an Oriental-inspired Rug in a hallway, bedroom or living room. 


Play around with different patterns and loud colors and mix them up with some basic neutrals. This Turkish handmade pillow pairs well with this Tribal-inspired pattern pillow in a calm shade of blue. To add some cohesion, mix them up with neutral hand woven accents like this cotton pillow or this lovely handwoven macramé throw cushion




Adding Stylish Touches of Boho Décor to your Home 9
Selective focus on home decor. Comfortable bedroom in bohemian interior style with textile sheet on bed, wooden bench seat, wicker basket



Make Rooms More Whimsical With an Eclectic Gallery Wall


Boho décor is a mix of 70s and modern style which is why eclectic art works so well. Eclecticism borrows different styles of art and blends them together. So, don’t be afraid to mix different pieces from different styles! 


Shop around in your local thrift markets for some vintage frames and create a gallery wall with all your favorite eclectic artwork. You can throw in a few wicker trays to the mix and play around with other décor objects such as mirrors and printable botanicals to enhance your gallery wall. 


If you’re not sure if all the items you selected will pair well together, take pictures of everything and create a collage on your phone before making new holes on the wall. 


*Here’s a video that shows how to create an eclectic gallery wall:



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