Tips for Pulling Off The Ultimate Super Bowl Party 1
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Tips for Pulling Off The Ultimate Super Bowl Party

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Tips for Pulling Off The Ultimate Super Bowl Party 2

Hi friends!

Hope y’all are enjoying your weekend so far! I am in the Treasure Coast with my family and have a quiet couple of hours ahead before I start meal prep for the week so I thought I’d run through what a good Super Bowl party looks like over here.

I’ll share a few details from my Super Bowl parties as y’all asked a few questions about my home decor as well as food and the appetizers I put together.

Set Up An Easy Plan For Party Success

Start With A Thorough Cleaning

Before the party, dust and clean, especially around the tv. Be sure to use microfiber cloths so you do not damage the tv. Now might be the time to invest in a sound bar for better sound quality.

You may need to switch up your furniture layout to ensure easy viewing of the tv.

This is the time to declutter as well. Take any breakables out of the room as well.

I have rugs throughout my house to protect the carpets on a daily basis. I strategically place them in the room we'll be viewing the tv to protect the carpets from messes.

Be prepared for accidents. Keep a supply of what you might need at the ready to quickly clean up. Have trash bags stocked and ready as well.

Tips for Pulling Off The Ultimate Super Bowl Party 3

The Food

A Super Bowl Party is similar to a picnic, of sorts.

Typically, appetizers are served such as nachos, guacamole, chips and a variety of dips. Your main is typically chili and wings. Maybe even subs. You'll want 2 - 4 snack/appetizer options. A variety is good especially when allergy concerns are at their highest. Not to mention, people just like a variety.

For successful party placement, designate a food table where all your food is displayed for serving. Setup so that the tv is an unobstructed view. After all, at this party, they are here to watch the Super Bowl.

For my desserts, I opt for finger food type desserts. Portioned out brownies or blondies, cookies and the like.

Festive Super Bowl Decorations

Tips for Pulling Off The Ultimate Super Bowl Party 4

Start at your discount store for football-themed decorations and fill in with a few team specific decorations, as your budget allows.  There are also quite a few DIY decorations that you can make if you search Pinterest.

Cloth tablecloths are beautiful but the best tip I can give is to use disposable tablecloths and disposable serving items. You just pull it up with whatever is on it and toss. You won't want to be doing dishes all night if you have to work the next day.

Occupy The Kids

The adults will want to watch the game, so keeping kids busy will be important for the success of your party. I like to have several things ready for them to do: games, activity books, coloring books, and toys. Be sure to have a kids station for kid-friendly foods. A great option is to hire a local teenager or two to watch over them within the house. This way you get to enjoy the game with them in the house but have extra eyes on them.

Tips for Pulling Off The Ultimate Super Bowl Party 5
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Don’t Make These Mistakes

Not Enough Space

Ever been to a party that's elbow to elbow, people are knocking into you and you end up wearing your drink or food? It's no fun. Create additional space by moving any non-essential furniture out of the room. Designate an area for food, hopefully not in the tv viewing room.

Tips for Pulling Off The Ultimate Super Bowl Party 6TV Isn't Big Enough

No one wants to watch the big game on a tiny tv. But that also doesn't mean you go into hock over a big tv. There are rental places that you can rent a larger one for the big day.

Not Enough Ice, Food or Drinks

It's a long game and there is nothing worse than running out of food, drinks or ice. “I like to set food out in periods. First is appetizers and snacks during the commentary. For the first portion of the game I still have snacks out but bring out sandwiches. During halftime is when I bring out the chili, wings, etc. During third and fourth quarters I refill dips, appetizers, etc. Make sure you have enough ice too. Think about ice for drinks as well as refilling coolers.

Subjecting Guests to Your Diet

You may want to maintain your diet but never subject guests to what you're doing. Even if it is healthy salads or the like, this is not the time.

Don’t Touch The Remote or Let Anyone Else

People want to watch the commercials during the Super Bowl so no one should be muting, pausing, or channel surfing during the game.


I hope these tips help you pull off an awesome Super Bowl party that your friends enjoy. Let me know any tips I missed or comments you have...I love to hear from you. Bye for now. xoxo.

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