10 Charts Guaranteed to Make You A Pro At Cleaning Anything

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Truth being told, I really don’t love to clean. I love a clean home so I do it. Along the way, I have developed a system that works for me so I don’t feel overwhelmed.

What helped were charts like these. They are laid out in an easy to follow format. A lot less overwhelming, right?!

So I thought I would share these amazing charts that have made all the difference for me.  I honestly feel they will be beneficial if you give them a shot. Especially if you hate cleaning like me! There is so much information packed into each one to help simplify your life.


Tidying Tips

I started here because I think it is so much easier to purge unneeded items and to straighten so your house is in order before you clean. So to straighten up, this is a great infographic to follow.

From: Magical Day Dream

Clean House

Once you’ve purged and then straightened up, let’s tackle cleaning in an efficient way. First, here’s how often to clean.

From: Sophie Uliano

After those, you need to hit these often forgotten and neglected areas.


From: LifeHacker.

How Often to Wash Everything

Next we’ll tackle how often to launder things in the home and stain removal tips for it all.

From: Good Housekeeping

From: A Typical English Home

Carpet Cleaning

You don’t need to hire an expensive company. You can handle this on your own with the chart below!

From: Spot Removal

30 Minutes or Less

So friends called and they are on the way over and you have 30 minutes or less. Here are the best tips to handle it fast!

From: Clean Mama

From: My Domaine.

Final Tips

Whatever cleaning issue that you are facing and don’t know what to do, before you hire someone, google or Pinterest it. Someone has probably also faced a similar issue!

From: DIY Joy

Whatever you need to clean, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. I’ve curated several of the BEST hacks to help you accomplish it quickly and easily. Let me know what you found most helpful.


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