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Holiday Gift Guide: Health

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Holiday Gift Guide: Health

Holiday Gift Guide: Health 1

the power of dream 

with beam's dream powder, you’re getting more than just quality shuteye. you’re providing your body with sleep-enhancing* vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, reishi, l-theanine, and nano hemp.

your best sleep. ever.


dream powder is a bedtime blend of sleep-enhancing vitamins, minerals, nano hemp and more. when mixed with warm milk or hot water, it makes a guilt-free, sleep-inducing, delicious cup of cocoa — without any added sugar. 


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Holiday Gift Guide: Health 3


white chocolate peppermint dream powder

introducing our best-selling dream powder in a delicious new flavor, with all the same sleep-promoting* ingredients as the original.

Holiday Gift Guide: Health 2



Holiday Gift Guide: Health 5
Tikva means “hope” in Hebrew, and that’s exactly what we aim to give our customers, dose after dose.
Tikva is unlike any other CBD brand on the market due to its pharmaceutical DNA – all Tikva products are manufactured by Panaxia Pharmaceutical Industries – a world renowned Israeli Pharmaceutical company with over a decade of clinical research in cannabis. (  

For our medical products, we are particularly proud of our CBD + Myo-inositol Tablets, CBD + Melatonin Tablets, CBD Relief Cream, and CBD Tincture Oil. I am happy to send you more information about those products if you are interested.

For spa and Health & Beauty we think our CBD bath bombs are a great gift idea!
Bath Bomb Bundle.png
Our bath bombs are small-batch and handmade with either a lavender or eucalyptus scent and essential oil.

These 4.5 oz bombs are 125mg each and powered by CBD made by our exclusive manufacturing partner, Panaxia Pharmaceuticals. This bomb has been formulated to ensure the bomb spins and dissolves effectively, leaving no ring in the tub.
Tikva is setting a new standard for the CBD industry with indication-driven products based on and backed by science and clinical research. All Tikva products are made in pharmaceutical conditions to predetermined specifications, making Tikva products safe, consistent, efficacious and properly dosed. 
We are raising the bar for the CBD space through our proprietary formulations and delivery methods and by producing Tikva products to the same pharmaceutical standards as over the counter medicines.
Holiday Gift Guide: Health 2

Holiday Gift Guide

Reed + Gwen that launched on Oct. 19- conscious, genderless beauty setting a new standard in the industry, and the newest venture from one of the most sustainable brands on the planet, Avocado Green Brands. Formulated with no water and made in the USA, Reed + Gwen is paving the way toward the future of conscious, sustainable and genderless beauty, representing the powerful pinnacle of nature + science for the ultimate performance. The line is radically transparent and obsessively safe, intentionally excluding more than 6,500 ingredients suspected to harm people or ecosystems. 


Reed + Gwen’s plant-based product line is made in the USA with the very best ingredients sourced from around the world - and, most importantly, no water.  

Products include:


  • Snoozy Bath Soak with Magnesium Flakes ($38) - Muscle-relaxing and stress-releasing - this aromatherapeutic bath soak is the perfect escape from life’s worries. Lavender and rosewood create a tranquil sanctuary. Himalayan sea salts ease muscles and magnesium flakes soothe tired and sore muscles for renewing tension relief.
  • Supercharged Reishi Body Melt ($48) - The science of nature - combining adaptogenic Reishi mushrooms, hyaluronic acid and ceramides to create a unique effective formula that intensely moisturizes while shielding your skin barrier from harsh pollutants.
  • Grounding Dry Body Oil ($48) - A lightweight, non-greasy and fast-absorbing dry body oil that soothes parched skin with powerful antioxidants, calming passionfruit seed oil and renewing ingredients.


Reed + Gwen is naturally scented with botanical extracts, vegan, cruelty-free and backed by Made Safe and EWG. 


One percent of all Reed + Gwen revenues will support safe drinking water access for all through a collaboration with Water For People. And as subsidiaries of Avocado Green Brands, Reed + Gwen is Climate Neutral Certified for net-zero emissions, with verified offsets for all of their scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. They are also a Certified B Corporation legally obligated to balance purpose with profit, and they are members of 1% For the Planet, through which they’ll donate one percent of all sales to organizations dedicated to supporting people and planet.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Health 8


Lumen is the first handheld, portable device and app that measures your metabolism in real-time with just your breath. Lumen is making personal, at home metabolic tracking available outside of research labs for the first time - revolutionizing the way we approach weight loss, fitness and healthy nutrition decision making.

Lumen works by measuring your body's carbon dioxide concentration by breathing into a handheld Lumen device. These levels indicate the type of fuel your body is using to produce energy - a mix of fat or carbs.

Like having a nutritionist in your pocket, Lumen provides you with personalized suggestions on when and what to eat to fuel your workout, based on your metabolism. Lumen supports fat burn and improves your metabolic flexibility, which is your body's ability to efficiently switch between using carbs and fats as a fuel source.

Research (Calcada et al, Gormsen et al) finds that metabolic flexibility has a profound role in assessing a person's health. People with good metabolic flexibility:

  • Find it easier to lose weight and maintain it.

  • Are in a better position to gain muscle and perform better during workouts.

  • Are at lower risk of developing obesity, diabetes and metabolic disorders.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Health 10Baby Dream Machine

Created by moms, for moms. Influenced by the world’s best sleep trainers, industry experts and scientists developed a product that helps your child get a good night’s sleep while using the most natural and scientifically proven methods. Their mission was to promote a product that has been to develop a natural, safe, high-quality machine to help children of all ages have a better night’s sleep. Wishing you and your little one the sweetest dreams tonight!


Holiday Gift Guide: Health 9

Holiday Gift Guide: Health 12


Sleep 7 Neural Refresh is a non-habit-forming, natural sleep aid that is safe to use every night - utilizing the best in sleep science to provide you with the supplements you need to sleep longer and deeper.


Entrepreneurs, Darren Lopez and Dan Schmidt, recently launched a product line to combat sleep deprivation, Sleep 7 Neural Refresh. The two have always struggled with sleep and were prescribed habit-forming drugs causing drug dependence. With this in mind, the two entrepreneurs decided to research and fund a new sleep aid to cut out the need for a doctor’s visit.

  • Natural Sleep Aid

  • Safe to Take Nightly      

  • Fall back Asleep Faster*

  • Non-Habit Forming

  • Easy to Adjust Dosing

  • Effective Against Jet Lag* 

  • Easy-to-Use Dissolving Tablet


Holiday Gift Guide: Health 9

Synergic is family-owned, woman-run, and makes their supplements (which they call Balancers) in the USA. While the supplement industry is crowded with products that are questionably made and questionably effective, Synergic is in a category of its own. With ingredients that have been clinically proven to support physical and mental calm, balance, and mitigate anxiety, with no fillers, is something to write home about. 


Holiday Gift Guide: Health 14Better Calm contains a clinically-proven combination of herbal extract, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins that calms neurotransmitters and quiets the background to keep your mind and body relaxed.

Holiday Gift Guide: Health 15Better Sleep combines key nutrients and neurochemicals that let your body know it’s time to sleep, help you stay asleep, and promote brain and body relaxation. 




Holiday Gift Guide: Health 16


Holiday Gift Guide: Health is dedicated to bringing you the best hemp products possible. We specialize in high-quality hemp flowers, oils, and more. At Mr. Hemp Flower we LOVE hemp! The cannabis plant has been used for centuries for healing, meditation, relaxation, and more. It’s our mission to spread this message and give hemp a new reputation! Our farmers have years of experience farming and cultivating CBD rich plants. We purchase hemp and CBD flower directly from highly vetted farmers in mass quantities and use the CBD rich hemp to make our products.

Holiday Gift Guide: Health 16

Holiday Gift Guide: Health 19FunctionaliQi was born to empower people to care for themselves. They make it easy with an impressive collection of medicinal and functional teas, filled with natural flavor and sweetness! FunctionaliQi’s PUNCTUALITY puts control back in your hands during that time of the month with a centuries-old combination of cleansing roots and supportive anti-inflammatory botanicals to ease discomfort while enhancing effectiveness and flavor. Lemongrass may help restore healthy feminine flora, while spearmint may balance hormone levels. This herbal tea is meant to be used on a monthly or occasional basis. To boost hydration, antioxidants, and health benefits the rest of the month, enjoy our everyday wellness blends. Comes in Hibiscus and Lemongrass Flavor.

Holiday Gift Guide: Health 16


Holiday Gift Guide: Health 21

Indacloud was originally a CBD manufacturer, but after receiving pitch after pitch from Delta-8 brands that did not have the proper COAs, quality products, or a strong business plan, they realized the industry was a mess and it was causing the public to lose faith in Delta-8. So, they decided to pivot, launching a line of Delta-8 products that offer real, noticeable benefits to users. Indacloud loud has earned a reputation for having some of the tastiest edibles, with vegan gummies in flavors such as watermelon, tropical twist, and berry and chocolates and caramels made by a 100-year old chocolatier.

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