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14 Bullet Journal Spreads That Are Simply Perfect

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14 bullet journal layouts






I love my bullet journal so much that I honestly don't think I could live without it.  There are so many great bullet journal layouts that it has become a very versatile tool.

I continue to create spreads or lists for anything I want to track.

Since I work full time and blog, I use these bullet journal layouts to keep track of upcoming projects for both.

Bullet journal layouts can organize just about everything in your life and these ideas will help you think about what you want to include and track.

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Who doesn't love a beautiful bullet journal spread?

We are intrigued by its beauty every time we stumble upon one we like.

At the same time, we are also intimidated by those with amazing skills. I lack these skills but I don’t let that stop me from creating the lists and bullet journal layouts that work for me.

They keep my life in order. At the same time, they allow me to be creative and unleash my creativity with my own ideas.

Each bullet journal should be catered to each owner's needs.  For me, mine tracks my whole life from this week's schedule to monthly, yearly, tasks and projects.

It takes awhile to get used to constantly using a planner and releasing that creative side. Simply start and look at it every morning and evening to get into the habit of adding to it and tracking everything.

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What you need to start:

Before you move into the lovely bullet journal spreads I have to show you, I want to recommend some of the products I use for my own bullet journaling.

Now let’s get you looking at these awesome bujo spreads...

Bullet Journal Layouts

Habit Tracker Spread

14 Bullet Journal Spreads That Are Simply Perfect 1

Habit trackers are used to track anything you want to hold yourself accountable with and improve on areas such as health and fitness or even how much sleep you get. I track a multitude of things from sleep to abstaining from alcohol, bread, etc.


14 Bullet Journal Spreads That Are Simply Perfect 2

Personally, I love to clean my own space. However, I find a tracker helps be sure I don't miss a task and is especially useful if a party or event is coming up.

Water Tracking

14 Bullet Journal Spreads That Are Simply Perfect 3

Most of us don't drink enough water, myself included. I like to track my water intake to hold myself accountable.

Period Tracker

14 Bullet Journal Spreads That Are Simply Perfect 4

Since I have such a horrible memory, I track my period. I really hate when the doc asks and I have no clue. It used to help me know when to add supplies but I have switched to a menstrual cup now.


14 Bullet Journal Spreads That Are Simply Perfect 5

I like to track what movies I want to see and mark them as I see them. Especially helpful since I never remember names (poor memory remember). Last summer I had to babysit contractors at the facility I work at (it was closed so it simply meant being present) and I watched movies the entire time. My list was called the summer of movies 🙂

Bill Tracker

14 Bullet Journal Spreads That Are Simply Perfect 6

Remember that poor memory? This tracker helps me track what I owe and what I've paid as well as due dates. There are also a multitude of finance trackers and several following the Dave Ramsey plan.

Mood Tracker

14 Bullet Journal Spreads That Are Simply Perfect 7

Personally, I love the mood tracker. because I think it helps know what might set off a bad mood. Especially if it is a source such as food or chemical and you are trying to narrow it down.

Mental Health

14 Bullet Journal Spreads That Are Simply Perfect 8

Having to deal with anxiety, I find it's helpful to have a guide in your bullet journal. We are often so focused on the mood or issue that we forget what helps. This handy reference will help.

Sleep Log

14 Bullet Journal Spreads That Are Simply Perfect 9

Sleep trackers are a great tool for those with sleep issues or that the lack of sleep causes other issues such as migraines, etc. One of my triggers was lack of sleep and I found it because I tracked everything in my day to day.

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Birthdays and Holidays

14 Bullet Journal Spreads That Are Simply Perfect 10

I am sure you won't be surprised now when I say that I forget important dates. This spread helps me be sure not to forget anyone. Just check the spread and add the birthdays to your daily or weekly spreads so no more forgetting birthdays.

Savings Goal Spread

14 Bullet Journal Spreads That Are Simply Perfect 11

A savings tracker will keep you accountable so you can reach whatever your goal might be.

TV Show Tracker


14 Bullet Journal Spreads That Are Simply Perfect 12

Track the shows you watch and what episode you are on. I am a binge-watcher so I also track Netflix. I tend to not watch tv for a week or more and then catch up.

Fitness challenge

14 Bullet Journal Spreads That Are Simply Perfect 13

If you are trying to find motivation, then keep track of your progress is great for accountability. Track any of your fitness goals for the month.

Trip Tracker

14 Bullet Journal Spreads That Are Simply Perfect 14

Dreaming of a dream trip? Track your savings and what you'd like to do while on the trip.

Recommended Products

There are so many options for spreads that it's just about limitless.  They are useful to stay organized, focused, on track and have fun at the same time.

I'm curious, which bullet journal spreads are you thinking of trying? Leave me a comment. Be sure to follow me on Pinterest, too, for great ideas on bullet journals and so much more.

14 Bullet Journal Spreads That Are Simply Perfect 15

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