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Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat

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After getting the school supplies and new clothes to get back into the swing of things upon a new school term starting, the last thing on your mind is after-school snacks. However, it is as equally important and the best school supplies and what they are eating for lunch as they often come home from school with more homework to do.

Feeding them a healthy snack will help them get back on track to getting that homework done. You can't think with a hungry stomach. For those after school snacks, while we want them to be healthy, we want them to love them and be satisfied, right? I've compiled some of the best in after school snacks to keep on rotation throughout the year. If you're feeling adventurous, you can make my healthy homemade  S’mores with Rich Chocolate and Fluffy Marshmallows!

After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Love

after-school snacks

If you or your children are Gluten-Free, these SmartCakes are a must-try! Smart Baking Company™ developed a unique recipe that combines the best nutrients (protein, vitamins, minerals, fats, water and fiber) into a balanced super “Platform Mix.” Our Smartcakes® go beyond gluten free. They are free of sugar and free of starch. Baked with the finest ingredients, Smartcakes® are all natural, non-GMO, full of fiber and protein while being low in fat and only 38 calories for each Smartcake®. Seriously.

NEW to the MadeGood snack family starting this month is Strawberry Crispy Squares, Caramel Crispy Squares, and Sweet & Salty Granola Bars. With one serving of vegetables in each snack!


Indulge in the newest MadeGood flavors that are not only allergen-free and safe for school, but are also gluten-free, certified vegan, organic, Non-GMO, kosher and contain nutrients from vegetables... These new flavors are in addition to the already widely loved Vanilla & Chocolate Chip Crispy Squares and the variety of fruit-flavored granola bars.Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 1Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 2Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 3

As you likely know, MadeGood products are made in a dedicated facility free from the eight common allergens: peanut, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, egg, soy, sesame, fish and shellfish. They contain the nutrients from vegetables, are only 90 calories and contain 6 grams of sugar! These yummy snacks are available in stores all across the country including Whole Foods, CVS, Kroger and more. You can also buy in bulk online at Amazon, Instacart, and Walmart and they are now available in Target.

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 4

Quinn Pretzelsare the 1st  and only pretzels on the market made with whole grain naturally gluten-free sorghum.  The pretzels are Non-GMO project verified and certified gluten-free, have  9+ grams of whole grain in every serving and also are allergy friendly  - corn  free, soy free, and dairy  free.    Current flavors areClassic Sea Salt Pretzel Sticks and Twists,  Touch of Honey PretzelSticks, Deli  Rye Style Rods, and the newest addition the world’s first Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggetsand  Dark Chocolate’y Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets.  All Quinn Pretzels use whole grain sorghum, an ancient whole grain that is naturally gluten-free and better for the environment.  Not only does this ancient grain taste great, but it is also a highly drought-tolerant and water efficient crop and more environmentally sustainable than many other sources of grain. 

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 5

Quinn Popcorn- Quinn shook up the microwave popcorn category when it launched with the first and ONLY microwave popcorn to use only REAL ingredients and a microwave bag completely stripped of all PFOA's. PFC's and plastic coatings.    Quinn’s “Pure Pop BagTM” sets them apart from other microwave popcorn, and because the popping bag contains no chemicals or plastic coatings,  the paper bag is compostable and biodegradable.  The ingredient pouch was designed to be applied after popping, allowing to use more natural ingredients and help maintain the integrity of the flavors and oilsQuinn’s Real Butter Tastes Better line is made with real butter.  You will never find hydrogenated oils, flavorings, artificial colors or preservatives in Quinn products.    

All Quinn Snack products have a batch number that can be searched on the QuinnFarm-to-Bagportal to see all the ingredient details right down to the farm where it was grown.

About Quinn Snacks –A new kind of snack company, Quinn is committed to full ingredient transparency, integrity and sustainability.  They care about our land and water and push for sustainability and innovation to protect the future of food and preserve our planet. Quinn Snacks was named 2017 Snack Producer of the Year by Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery and Founder and CEO Kristy Lewis was honored as one of the Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs by Fortune Magazine, the first food industry entrepreneur named in 4 years.    

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 6

Have you heard about Better Than Good Snacks? 

What's really cool is that one bag contains 16g of whey protein + the nutrients of 2 servings of fruits and vegetables with 25% of your daily vitamins, antioxidants & superfoods incorporated into each puff. And of course they're non-gmo, gluten free, soy free, nut free, and 98% lactose free. 


Even bigger than that the founders of the company Dr. Tina Mahajan and her husband, Katen Pabley wanted to create snacks better for your kiddos. Their 4 year old son was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2015, healthy snacking and good nutrition became much more important. 


With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes to supporting children with cancer at University Hospitals Rainbow & Babies and Children’s Hospital (Cleveland). 


They are also the founders and creators of the Good Greens Bars which in 2013 became the #1 selling nutrition bar in Northeast Ohio according to Nielsen /SPINS Data. According to Pabley, “We created Good Greens when we realized that most nutrition bars weren’t much better than candy bars, and we wanted to create something better for our kids.”

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 7

FitJoy Protein Bars

FitJoy recently reformulated all four varieties of their protein bars to be 100%
grain-free. The bars are also free from gluten, GMOs, maltitol, artificial flavors, and artificial
sweeteners. FitJoy snacks keep the sugar low and the nutritional benefits high with premium
protein blends, healthy fiber, and zero grains. (And, the fun-size bars are keto-friendly!)
FLAVORS: The bars come in both full-size and fun-size bars in four flavors: Cookies and Cream,
Grandma’s Lemon Square, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Cookie Dough Brownie.

  • The Cookies and Cream bar features a creamy middle filled with crunchy protein cookie
    crisps sandwiched in between a fudgy, chocolate layer and a melt-in-your-mouth
    chocolate glaze.
  • Grandma’s Lemon Square is a soft, airy, citrusy bar iced with velvety yogurt. Not too tart
    and not too sweet!
  • The Chocolate Peanut Butter bar is a soft peanut butter dough with a rich sliver of a
    chocolate glaze on the bottom and crunchy, chopped peanuts sprinkled on top. 
  • The Cookie Dough Brownie bar is a mashup of rich chocolate brownie and soft, gooey
    cookie dough sprinkled with chocolate morsels.

You can purchase the bars online at or you can check
out their store locator to see where they are sold in stores near you!

Giving back to others is a central part of FitJoy’s mission. A portion of the
proceeds from every FitJoy purchase helps feed underprivileged children through partner
organizations across the U.S.

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 8

Kids love the sweet taste of Juicy Juice, made from real fruit picked at its ripest, juiciest peak.

It’s 100% juice, with no added sugar – goodness, made juicy!


Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 9

Good Cheese,
Now as a Snack

You now have permission to snack on cheese with new Roth® Snack Cheese. Available in three flavors, Creamy Gouda, Creamy Cheddar, and Creamy Whole Milk Mozzarella, these convenient .75 ounce snacks are perfect for kids, but you won’t mind putting them in your lunch, too. Because we care about the same things you do, Roth® Snack Cheese is always made with fresh, local Wisconsin milk.

  • Only 70 calories per snack
  • 5 grams of protein and NO sugar
  • rBST-free*
  • No preservatives
  • Naturally gluten-free
  • Vegetarian-friendly

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 10Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 11

 34 Degrees, the category-leading and innovative company behind 34° Crisps, today announced the launch of its Sweet Crisps line in resealable pouches that are ready for snacking. Sweet Crisps are sweet like a cookie, crisp like a cracker - and pair perfectly with just about anything, or nothing at all. The Sweet Crisps line includes four flavors, including Chocolate, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Sweet Lemon, and in both a 4oz (MSRP $3.49 - $4.49) and 16oz club size (MSRP $6.99-7.99) resealable pouch to fit snacking needs of all sizes. Made with premium ingredients like coconut oil, and free from artificial flavors, the Sweet Crisps line provides consumers with a deliciously thin, irresistibly snackable and satisfying experience.

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 12Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 13

Dosha Bar is a clean, organic, 150 calorie, nutrient dense, less sweet food bar for kids and adults alike.  We are currently sold in 30 Whole Foods, Fairway Markets, Big Y, Roche Brothers, online at Amazon and, and expanding soon to many additional grocery chains!  
  • Dosha Bar is made with simple ingredients:  Organic, UNsweetened fruits and seeds (most dried fruit is up to 50% added sugar and not organic).  
  • School Safe:  No gluten, dairy or nut ingredients (though made in facility with nuts per disclaimers on our packaging).
  • FREE of gluten, dairy, and soy.  
  • NO ingredients including artificial (or natural) flavorings, corn, sulfites, gums, aspartame, sucralose, stevia, gelatin, or preservatives.
  • No oats or nuts (though facility makes other products with these ingredients).
  • Tastes delicious, clean and digests easily because it's made from real Whole-Food, Plant-Based ingredients, not "plant-based" refined, powdered ingredients from a laboratory.  
  • Unique texture that is pleasantly chewy and a little crunchy.
  • Only 3g added sugar per bar to help it bind (either raw honey or organic brown rice syrup).
  • Certifications:  Organic, Gluten-Free, Kosher (OU - Pareve).   

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 14Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 15

Crunchy, chewy, and ooey gooey, SMASHMALLOW has now added aBlueberry Crumble SMASHCRISPY to its product line-up offering a new way to treat yourself the right way! Smashing together a blend of juicy farm-fresh blueberries baked into a toasty oat crumble, snack on a summer twist of your favorite idyllic treat. This is no ordinary crispy rice treat. This is SMASHCRISPY®, an epic confection made with only the very best simple ingredients and packed with flavor. A guilt-free, every day, anytime of day treat for your taste buds that’s just like you remember – only better. SMASHCRISPY® It’s made in a nut-free facility with organic cane sugar and non-GMO ingredients. SMASHCRISPY is widely available at Whole Foods, Walmart, and Amazon!

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 16

Perfectly portable and protein filled,PECKISH PECK packs make snacking simple. Offering two Perfectly Boiled™ eggs paired with a crispy crunchy dip that is always Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and contain zero to low sugar, PECK packs are the snack you can feel good about. With five savory flavors: Everything (just like the bagel,) Salt & Pepitas, Fried Rice, Maple Waffles, and soon Ranch, there's sure to be something for even the pickiest of eaters! Start the school year off on a fresh note and make your back to school prep perfectlyPECKISH.

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 17

When it comes to healthy snacks, it’s hard to beat jerky—but only if it’s made right. There are plenty of popular brands out there that are loaded with questionable ingredients, many of which cancel out any nutritional benefits. Here at Chomps, we do things differently. We started by making natural beef jerky sticks and have continued to bring more varieties that live up to the same promise.

By going back to basics, we cook up high quality jerky snacks that you can enjoy anytime, guilt free. We start with just a few all-natural ingredients, such as sustainably sourced, 100% grass-fed non-GMO beef or venison and a handful of spices like jalapeños, habeñeros, cracked black pepper and sea salt.

We blend them together to create filling, tasty treats that are bursting with flavor—no sugar added, no gluten, no soy, no dairy, no MSG, no nitrates or nitrites added, no added artificial preservatives or flavors necessary! 

Our all natural beef jerky is as honest label as it gets! If you’re looking for a delicious on-the-go snack that’s packed with both protein and flavor, chomp into Chomps!

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 18

COCO5 is an all-natural sports drink powered by young coconut water. It contains no artificial ingredients and only naturally occurring electrolytes to improve hydration. “It was developed by a team of sports nutritionists and NHL professional medical experts determined to invent a healthier beverage alternative for professional athletes, recreational athletes, and active people of all ages.

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 19Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 20

Audrey’s Chia Cookies recipe centers around superfood chia seeds which help balance blood sugar, boost energy and improve gut health and only contain high-quality, all natural ingredients. The four flavors (almond, lemon, peanut butter and chocolate chip) are currently available at select AJ’s Fine Foods, Sprouts, Whole Foods and Fry’s as well as several independent grocers and online through Amazon.
Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 21

Health-Ade kombucha was started in 2012 by a husband, wife, and best friend in a true farmers’ market start-up story: a small credit card and a big dream to make REAL FOOD and bring only THAT to the commercial shelf. The Health-Ade Mini is a new 8oz. size that makes for the ultimate on-the-go thirst quencher that fits perfectly inside of any backpack or lunchbox. Hand-made in small batches with only the highest quality ingredients, Health-Ade Minis offer a better alternative to soda and are certified organic, Non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, vegan and raw, and always free of anything engineered.

The best tasting and highest quality kombucha you can buy is just the start, as our ultimate mission is to be the champion of the happiest and healthiest you.

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 22

Biltong is an air-dried meat snack that can be made from various types and cuts of meat, with a flavor that is richer and denser than cured meat (Think beef jerky, but healthier!). Biltong is gluten free, soy free, certified paleo, Whole 30, and keto-approved.

The team at Made by True is leading the introduction of Biltong to the United States, (it’s a South African Recipe), and I would love to send you samples to help with your story.

For background, Made By True's Biltong has/is:

  • Available in three adventurous flavors: Cape Town Classic (Salt, Pepper and Coriander), A Savory Adventure (Garlic, Herb and Spices) and Little Bit of Spice (Coriander, Chili Powder and Paprika).
  • 80 calories, 16 grams of protein and ZERO SUGAR per ounce
  • Perfect meat for health-conscious snackers who subscribe to keto and Whole30 dietary philosophies
  • Gluten-free, soy-free and paleo
  • 50% more protein than conventional jerky
  • Based on a 300-year-old recipe with five traditional ingredients: beef, vinegar, salt, pepper and coriander

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 23Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 24

Since 1960 Back to Nature® has been creating delicious and flavorful recipes inspired by nature. We carefully select our ingredients to create great-tasting products that you can enjoy all day long. Our mission is to provide everyday foods that are simply delicious, simply good.

Back to Nature has achieved Non-GMO Project Verification on over 70 products since we began the process back in January 2015. Back to Nature’s Non-GMO verified products are produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard. They are available at an grocery store and Amazon

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 25

Subarz are perfect for snacks after school.  They are crunchy and delicious and are perfect to dip in milk!!  They come in a variety of flavors to please everyone and there are gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and wheat-free options. Subarz require no refrigeration so they are perfect to snack on while on the bus home from school too!!!

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 26

Theo Chocolate 1oz Classic bars are the perfect sweet treat for any after-school snack that you don’t have to feel guilty about giving out! The 1oz bars come in Pure 85% Dark Chocolate, 55% Dark Chocolate Salted 
Toffee, and 70% Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and are all organic, Soy-Free, Vegan, and Gluten-Free. 

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 27Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 28

Inspired by keto dieters, but loved by all …the HighKey story began in early 2018 with the belief that passion drives purpose. Our passion stems from our pristine Pacific Northwest surroundings and a community dedicated to responsibly-sourced food without artificial ingredients. We aspired to create low-carb snacks with simple ingredients that would energize throughout the day and allow indulgence in great flavors while on the go. The result was a line of crowd pleasing favorites suitable for those committed to the popular keto-lifestyle or any healthy eating plan for that matter!


At HighKey we know that snacks should make you feel satisfied- not only with great taste but also with the knowledge you are fueling your health. We are committed to using only pure, wholesome ingredients with no added chemicals or unpronounceable extras. The simple, clean ingredients in our snacks let you fill up on great taste without slowing you down. No matter what mountains you're climbing, HighKey is committed to snacks that “Fuel the Journey” so you can hit all your milestones without compromise. Grab them on the go or whenever you need a nourishing boost, and take a tasty bite in the right direction.

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 29

While no one diet fits all, Beviva believes certain food choices can minimize abdominal discomfort and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. We combine the research of Western and Chinese medicine with the personal IBD experiences of founder Sylvia Tam and the team to develop sweet and savory functional and hypoallergenic snacks for all ages to enjoy.To help people with IBD or digestive sensitivities snack more nutritiously and more often by offering convenient mini meals they can take anywhere and enjoy anytime.

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 30

This back-to-school season, make snacking a breeze with Welch’s Fruit Snacks!  America’s favorite fruit snacks feature fruit as the first ingredient and are the perfect on-the-go snack for lunchboxes, after school activities and more. 

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 31Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 32

bare snacksmade from simple, real ingredients.

sourced from nature

It all starts with picking the ripest fruit and digging up the freshest veggies

simply sliced and baked

We then slice and slowly bake our fruit and veggies to crunchy perfection

eat real anywhere

Our chips are an easy healthy choice to snack on at home or on-the-go
Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 33
Light as air and packed with flavor, corn and carefully selected cheeses combine for the ultimate crunchy treat!
Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 34
Angelic WrapsMade with sprouted whole grains, these Garden Wraps hit the sweet spot between wholesome and awesome. Use them for veggie wraps, chicken shawarma wraps, or sandwich roll-ups. 

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 35Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 36

EPIC Bar, the original ethically-sourced meat, fruit, and nut bar, is a savory high-protein snack designed to inspire your most EPIC adventures.

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 37

Nature's Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bars are fuel for everyday life's great journeys. Made with wholesome and natural ingredients, our delicious soft-baked baked bars are filled with real fruit for an on-the-go snack that satisfies.

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 38Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 39

The mission of Karma® Nutsis simple - put goodness into the world whenever you can. Whether that be fueling your body with healthy food, helping out those less fortunate, or showing a bit of kindness to a stranger - we believe that goodness comes full circle and we put our heart into everything that we do.

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 40

Clean Electrolytes!

Do Good. Eat Good. Feel Good.®


This is a super clean, electrolyte giving, function filled, game changing workout partner. An enhanced watermelon water that delivers thirst quenching electrolytes with 2g of natural sugar from watermelon and no artificial sweeteners.

Get Down & Dirty

We start at the source, with the ripest, juiciest watermelons.
And we have used innovations in food tech to combine the functional goodness of watermelon with
pure refreshing water to hydrate our humans at any occasion.

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 41

BODYARMOR is a premium sports drink that provides superior hydration. It is packed with electrolytes, coconut water and vitamins and is low in sodium and high in potassium. BODYARMOR contains natural flavors and sweeteners and no colors from artificial sources.

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 42

At LanceSANDWICHES MEAN MORE: More substance, more flavor, more “real.” They aren’t just two somethings with whatever in the middle. A Lance® sandwich is two AWESOMES with an INCREDIBLE in the middle — and we’ve made them that way for over 100 YEARS. Everyone loves the classics – like classic cars, classic movies and classic rock. Everyone also loves Lance® classics sandwich crackers, a collection of snack-time favorites that never gets old.

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 43


Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 44At Good Catch, we’re culinary rebels with a cause. We strive to help preserve the ocean’s natural resources while providing plant based protein options that have the rich flavors and flaky textures of fine seafood. This way, you can make delicious meals that are good for you and good for the planet.


Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 45

Crunchmaster crackers are a gluten-free, non-GMO, Kosher and many flavors are free of common allergens like eggs and dairy! As a great alternative to processed wheat crackers for after school snacks, try our single serve packs in delicious flavors like Multi-Grain in Sea Salt or Multi-Seed in Rosemary Olive Oil.  There’s something for even the pickiest kid to enjoy!

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 46

When students eat better, they feel better, think better, and learn better. This year, students willflourish when they go back to school with these healthy snacks by PopCorners®!


  • Flourish™ Veggie Crisps are made with real vegetables like kale, beets, and cauliflower and come in four light and tasty flavors: Greens & Beans, Roasted Beets, Toasted Cauliflower, and Harvest Kale. Kids love them because they taste amazing. Parents love them because they are made withreal vegetables you can see. Win-win!


  • FLEX™ Protein Crisps pack a whopping 10 grams of protein per serving and are available in kid-friendly flavors including Buffalo and Barbeque. Made with plant-based protein from soybean and cassava, each serving contains 90 calories, 10 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, and only 2 grams or less of sugar. Finally! A convenient, protein-rich snack that will help kids stay nourished throughout the day so they can do their best learning!


  • PopCornersare made with non-GMO corn that comes from family farms in Nebraska. The chips are air-popped, never fried, gluten-free, and contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.  Doing back-to-school snacks better has never been so simple! (And what parent doesn’t need a little “simple” during this busy season?!)

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 47

Authentic Greek brand,Gaea, has two snack lines that are healthy and delicious – perfect for after school snacks for kids this school year! Gaea’sVeggie Snacks andOlive Snack Packs areboth gluten-free, vegan and make for easy on-the-go snacks with their resealable pouches. They both come in flavors kids will love and parents will approve of!

Healthy After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Eat 48


  • Jeanine

    Thanks for the great lost! I found quite a few of my faves, plus some new ones to try!

  • Antoinette M

    Delicious options for snack time! My favorite is the Roth snack cheese.

  • Melissa Storms

    I am going to have to check out the FitJoy protein bars for my teen. He is in weightlifting this year and needs snacks to have after that class since it is after lunch but hours before the end of the day. I have been looking for healthy protein bars for this reason and just for him to have in his locker, lunch is at 11:30 and he does not get home until between 4 and 4:15. That is a lot of time without a snack of some kind.

    • DeeDeeAnn

      They are genuinely a favorite of mine. I love them ALL but lemon is my favorite.

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