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I Wanted a Carefree Summer and This One Thing Kept Me Sane

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I Wanted a Carefree Summer and This One Thing Kept Me Sane 1
Bubba enjoying Chicken Bites with mashed yams & green beans

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year! It's generally laid back and unstructured. We spend a lot of time swimming in our pool,  having movie nights,  fun with creative play and so much more. I want it stress free for them as much as for me. I really needed this to be a carefree summer for both the kids and I.

The Trick To My Carefree Summer

The hardest part of summer for me is meal planning. It honestly gets old trying to plan breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks that don't end up getting boring.


Breakfast tends to be easy.  Before school lets out, I  plan a freezer meal day where I pre- make pancakes, French toast sticks,  breakfast burritos and breakfast sandwiches and package them for ease.

Lunches aren't too bad. They really don't care as long as I serve them outside at the patio table or a picnic. Often these are a variation on sandwiches. 

I Wanted a Carefree Summer and This One Thing Kept Me Sane 2
Bubba loving the chicken bites!

Even with breakfast pre- made and frozen,  I still needed to select one for each day as well as making lunches each day, which is still a lot.

By the time dinner rolls around,  I'm over trying to decide what to make.  And if I wait too late,  well, all bets were off; I would typically end up ordering expensive take out or pizza that's also unhealthy. 

I Wanted a Carefree Summer and This One Thing Kept Me Sane 3

Sometimes I've even gotten lazy and we've had cereal for dinner.  But then the mom guilt really sets in with that one!

But this summer,  instead of reaching for an unhealthy takeout menu, which would just set me up for mom guilt, I turned to Nurture Life. 

Since I started Nurture Life, there's no more mom guilt. These are wholesome, ready- to- eat meals for babies, toddlers, and kids.  The meals are made from the highest quality ingredients, even organic when possible. 

I Wanted a Carefree Summer and This One Thing Kept Me Sane 4
Chicken meatballs w/ pasta and veggies

And it's really easy! You start by simply picking the plan right for your child's age and preferences.  They cook and ship. You only need to reheat!

Although every body is different and have different tastes,  they have a selection sure to satisfy the pickiest of eaters!

I Wanted a Carefree Summer and This One Thing Kept Me Sane 5
pork al pastor with veggies & black bean rice

We had delicious meals like: chicken bites with mashed yams and green beans, mac & cheese with cauliflower, pork al pastor with veggies & black bean rice and so much more! Our least favorite was the chicken meatballs with pasta and veggies but that's only because it was, at least to us, the least seasoned. It was still good but the others were exceptional. 

I find that ordering from Nurture Life worked well for us. It allowed me a relief from dinner decision making and the stress associated with that.

I Wanted a Carefree Summer and This One Thing Kept Me Sane 6
Mac n Cheese w/ cauliflower

Whether you're wanting decision making relief like me or just want healthy, delicious meals because you're a busy family, these options will satisfy your kiddos tummies and tastebuds. Don't limit yourself to summer either! These will be great for those busy nights once school resumes and extra- curricular activities begin. They'll be a time saver and budget saver for sure! 

I actually ate one to see if the portion size would be enough for me. It was plenty and I felt like I was eating a delicious restaurant meal! So for the next order,  I'll be ordering for me as well to save time. Why cook for me if I'm not cooking for them, am I right?!

If you try Nurture Life, let me know what you think.  We truly loved all of the meals and think you will too! 

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