9 Easy Ways to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day as a Family

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The days of going to bars and drinking until you can’t remember your name are long gone now that you have kids. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with the entire family and have a blast doing so! There are lots of family-friendly ways to get into the spirit of this festive Irish holiday that won’t leave you with a major headache in the morning.

9 Easy Ways to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day as a Family 1

Ways to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day as a Family

9 Easy Ways to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day as a Family 2

Get Crafty and Decorate the House, St. Patrick’s Day Style 

Go to an arts and crafts store and buy lots of different shades of green cardboard paper. You can also get everything you need on and Don’t forget to grab some white cardboard paper and some markers, glitter, and acrylics, too. Let your imagination flow and have the kids design and draw their own rainbows, four leaf clovers, and leprechauns and tape them to the walls.


celebrate st patrick's day

Celebrate  St Patrick’s Day by Experiencing a Parade

Go online and find the nearest St. Patrick’s Day parade to attend in March. But if for whatever reason you can’t attend in person, go on YouTube, and enjoy a St. Paddy’s parade with the family from the comfort of your living room. There’s lots of footage worth watching together on the couch with your whole family. Just don’t forget to make some hot cocoa! 

A few ideas:


9 Easy Ways to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day as a Family 3

Create a Leprechaun Trap

We all know that leprechauns are synonymous with Irish culture and one of the best ways to capture these little rascals is with gold. So, get together with the kids and make a long rainbow stripe out of paper. Make sure the rainbow leads to a box that’s full of gold coins and gems (fake obviously) to lure the Leprechaun in. It’s a fun and quirky activity that will keep the little ones entertained for hours!

How to create a Leprechaun trap:


9 Easy Ways to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day as a Family 4

Prepare an Irish Meal

Go online and look for a recipe to make an Irish stew. There’s a dish called colcannon that includes corned beef, potato and cabbage that’s simply delicious. Shepherd’s Pie works well, too. Just make sure everyone, including the kids, lend a hand in prepping for this meal.

How to make Irish stew:


9 Easy Ways to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day as a Family 5

Sing and Dance to Irish Music

Download some Irish music and have a dance party with the entire family. There are all sorts of genres ranging from modern tunes to Celtic and even traditional folk music that’s bound to get everyone’s hips moving.

Irish playlist:

Irish playlist for kids:



Have an Irish Scavenger Hunt

Stash a couple of chocolate coins around the house and then write down a few clues to help your little scavengers find these delicious treasures. You can substitute chocolate coins with St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes (store bought or homemade are fine).


9 Easy Ways to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day as a Family 6

Recite an Irish Blessing

The only thing luckier than four leaf clovers is reciting an Irish blessing with the family. This tradition is said to bring good fortune which is something we could all use. If blessings aren’t your thing, then look for some Irish poetry to recite and take turns reading them.


9 Easy Ways to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day as a Family 7

Tell an Irish Ghost Story

Ireland is full of ghost stories so you’re bound to find some online that you can tell in front of the fireplace while enjoying some St. Paddy’s cupcakes and hot chocolate. And if you can’t find one, make one up.

Irish ghost stories:


9 Easy Ways to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day as a Family 8

Have Some Mint Ice Cream

Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day quite like the color green. So, throw a St. Paddy’s ice cream party with some mint ice cream. It’s green, it’s cool, and it’s minty fresh. Is there a better way to celebrate this joyful day? Didn’t think so!  


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