Fall Fashion Trends: Affordable Fashion Inspiration

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Fall is just about here, so it is time to start looking for the hottest fashion trends new fashion designs for fall outfits together! With fall fashion trends in mind, I’ve compiled the best trending fall/ winter outfit looks that you can pull off! To pull off a show-stopping autumn fashion look, remember a few tips: First, wear your real size, because  nobody looks good shoved into clothing that’s too small. Also, layering is key for cute winter outfits. Lastly, remember the details.

So many focus on just a great top or the bottom and not both and also forget the shoes. As you make your way through these looks, notice the details of these current fashion trends. Fall is my favorite time of the year! In part, because I love casual fall outfits! Fall provides so many outfit options due to the layering capabilities. From cute scarves to the must-have vests, I have plenty of fall fashion trends to show you!

Fall Fashion Trends: Affordable Fashion Inspiration 1

Some of the fashions are from famous fashion designers while others are more attainable. I’ve also linked similar looks at more affordable prices to make these fall fashion trends more accessible.

I have linked each look to its owner so you can check out their other great looks.

Let me know what you think of these fall winter style trends. What are your tricks? Any area you need advice? I am here to help!

Tips for the perfect fall outfit

Before I show you the latest trends, let me give you a few tips and tricks that I use to stretch my wardrobe:

  • At the start of fall when it’s not overly cool, take your summer dresses and layer with a sweater, a jacket or a denim shirt belted. You can even use a pullover sweater and it looks like a skirt.
  • Add tights to an outfit with a dress.
  • Layer a scarf
  • Add a denim or military jacket
  • Fall in love with Plaid
  • Wear high boots or ankle booties with a dress
  • Mix jewel tones with plaid


Now, on to the trends:

Plaid Cardigans


You can easily recreate these fall clothes looks with this Plaid tassel draped cardigan I found! You might also love this Cowl neck plaid shirt as much as I do! I’ve already ordered one!

Herringbone Vest


Fall Fashion Trends: Affordable Fashion Inspiration 5

Check out A Southern Drawl for several Herringbone vest outfits!

The Herringbone vest continues to be the “it” item to have in your wardrobe! I found you an affordable one here!  

Maxi Dress (with pockets!)


Simply check out Pinterest for a multitude of styling ideas for the maxi dress! From adding a pullover to denim shirts, ideas abound! I found you an affordable Maxi Dress with pockets in fall colors!  I actually have this dress!  And I liked it so much I bought it in 4 different colors! Super comfy and very flattering! 

Vintage Style Socks

Style your Fall outfits with Vintage style wool socks. Stylish while staying warm and cozy!  

Striped Shirt with Elbow Patches

Elbow Patches are another “it item for fall! There are many ways to style this affordable Striped Shirt with Elbow Patches that I found for you! It would look great with the Herringbone Vest shown! This Elbow Patch Button Tunic is also an excellent option to style into a layered outfit for fall. 

Long Cardigans

The Long Cardigan is always in style! They are so easy to layer from fall to winter! This long cardigan I found is super affordable and I have ordered one of every color! 

The Henley

Fall Fashion Trends: Affordable Fashion Inspiration 18Fall Fashion Trends: Affordable Fashion Inspiration 19

The Henley shirt is super cute alone or layered with the cardigans, vest, well pretty much everything I’ve shown you! I ordered because of the cute look but this color is my favorite fall color! of. all. time!

Boot Cuffs

Fall Fashion Trends: Affordable Fashion Inspiration 20Fall Fashion Trends: Affordable Fashion Inspiration 21

These may not sound like much but just look how they liven up your boots! Boot Cuffs jazz up your look and are super affordable. 


The Layering T

Fall Fashion Trends: Affordable Fashion Inspiration 22Fall Fashion Trends: Affordable Fashion Inspiration 23

This Round neck striped long sleeve top is a must-have to layer with your cardigans, vests, well you name it! Snatching up a black and navy for my fall wardrobe! 

The Beanie

Fall Fashion Trends: Affordable Fashion Inspiration 24Fall Fashion Trends: Affordable Fashion Inspiration 25

The CC Beanie is the cute little addition to keep your head warm but stylish! Super affordable, I grabbed several (black, grey, black/metallic gold, and black/metallic silver).

The Military Jacket

The Military Jacket is another staple every woman should have in her closet. Not only great for a jacket but lends a stylish air when layered into a fall ensemble.

Mad For Plaid

Ok, I know I’ve already shown some plaid but, like it says above, I am mad for plaid. This Plaid tunic is what you need for layering with the cardigans, military jacket, and herringbone vest! I ordered every color!

Long Oversized Cardigan


This is one of my favorite, affordable comfy cardigans. I have a couple. When you are on the hunt, these sell out often so grab when you can.

Plaid Blanket Scarf

No fall outfit is complete without the Plaid Blanket Scarf. It is the epitome of fall. I have several colors. It gives a pop of color when your base is neutral. 


I hope this gave you a lot of ideas for fall layering. I buy the affordable fashion I’ve linked to and tend to buy brand name bags and shoes. This really stretches my budget. Let me know what you think in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

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