Galentine's Day Gift Guide: Shippable Gifts They’ll Love 1
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Galentine’s Day Gift Guide: Shippable Gifts They’ll Love

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For me, Valentine’s Day means celebrating all forms of love. I celebrate my family, my friendships, my staff, even my pets (who are a part of my family really).
And for those in my life who think they hate Valentine’s day, I try to pull them out of those feelings and make it special.
Gone are the days that say Valentine’s day needs to be shared romantically.

First, I spend valentine’s Day with a group of my favorite gal friends doing an amazing Galentine’s Day. This year it will be at HOBNOB in Atlantic Station (Atlanta, Georgia). We will have a nice dinner with champagne flights and chocolate-covered strawberries. We are taking a Lyft so that we can enjoy ourselves without the worry of driving (or parking for that matter).

I also like to make it special for others in my life through gifts that I put thought into, but can easily be ordered online.

1. Organic Aromas: Nebulizing Diffuser For Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Galentine's Day Gift Guide: Shippable Gifts They’ll Love 2
This is perfect for someone who doesn’t want anything remotely signifying Valentine's Day but you want to show your love.

Nebulizing Diffusers® work without the need to heat up the oils and without the need to add water to the diffuser. Also, no heat is required so the chemical structure of the essential oil is not altered. In addition, because the diffuser uses glass the essential oil never comes into contact with plastic. The particles of essential oil reach you in their natural state and provide you with all of their original therapeutic benefits.

Get it at Organic Aromas (prices vary)

2. The Housewives tarot: A Domestic Divination Kit with Deck and Instruction Book

Galentine's Day Gift Guide: Shippable Gifts They’ll Love 3
Have a friend that is into tarot, crystals, etc? They will love the Housewives Tarot.

You've never seen tarot cards like these before. Imagine the celebrated 'Ryder Deck' infused with the spirit of Leave It to Beaver, and the result is The Housewives Tarot -- a dazzling retro interpretation of a classic divination system.
With illustrations of martini glasses (cups), mops and brooms (wands), Duncan Hines chocolate cake (the Devil), wood-paneled station wagons (the Chariot), bathroom scales (Judgment), and other 1950s iconography, these tarot cards can answer all of life's most challenging questions. The enclosed instruction book shows you how to interpret all 78 cards -- and describes how to assemble them using five different layouts: the Virgin Spread, the Neapolitan Spread, the Clothesline Spread, the Dinette Spread, and the Martini Spread.

Get it on Amazon: Housewives Tarot

3. GE Profile Opal | Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

Galentine's Day Gift Guide: Shippable Gifts They’ll Love 4
Every woman loves “the good ice”. Ice like you get at Sonic. Well, you can get it at home with this little gadget.

OPAL NUGGET ICE, THE GOOD ICE - Serve up chewable, crunchable, crave-able nugget ice that's ready fast and retains its flavor, unlike traditional hard cubes; Refreshing nugget ice is made from compacted ice flakes and is perfect for cocktails, sodas, and other beverages.

Get it on Amazon: GE Profile Opal | Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

4. Hey Dude Women's Wendy Shoes

Galentine's Day Gift Guide: Shippable Gifts They’ll Love 5
Shoe lovers will love getting a pair of comfortable Hey Dudes to wear!

This UltraLIGHT, canvas slip-on makes your life even easier because it’s machine washable (just remove that memory foam insole first). We’re pretty sure Wendy is about to be your new BFF.

Get it on Amazon: Hey Dude Women's Wendy Shoes (variety of colors)

5. Women's Short Sleeve Sleepwear Pajama Set

Galentine's Day Gift Guide: Shippable Gifts They’ll Love 6This pajama set is great for every day or even a sleepover. I wore my set for a Girls Weekend Retreat and everyone loved them!

Get this set on Amazon: Floerns Women's Notch Collar Short Sleeve Sleepwear Two Piece Pajama Set

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