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Hairstyling Iron Tips to Give You Better Curls and Straighter Hair

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Hairstyling Iron Tips



Hairstyling is no joke. It can be a complicated matter. One that many of us typically would trust somebody to do who is more competent with hair than ourselves. So, it may surprise you that styling a gorgeous head of hair is not as hard as it seems. You just need to know a few basics and avoid common mistakes before you get started. I started using a CHI Petal Party hairstyling iron because it's so cute and a very effective, high-quality tool. When it comes to hot irons on my hair, I look for quality. If you've had problems styling your hair, or want to get started with a curler or straightener of your own, here are some hairstyling iron tips that should help.


Hairstyling Iron Tips to Give You Better Curls and Straighter Hair 1



Never Iron Wet Hair!

This is one quick way to ruin your healthy hair. No. The sizzle doesn't mean it's working. It actually weakens your hair in addition to drying it out. It also is far less effective at, say, straightening hair as it would be with properly dried hair. Instead, wait for your hair to dry (a blow dryer will do just fine) thoroughly and run through any tangles with a comb before attempting to curl or flatten hair.

Now just because your hair should not be wet when you iron it does not mean that you shouldn't moisturize. Moisturizing is essential to maintaining healthy hair, especially when you style with heat. Another thing you should do with your hair is use protectant. This will help you to avoid weaker hair shafts and split ends.

How Often to Iron Your Hair

No matter how frizzy or straight your hair is, or how you want it to be, never over iron. It's not good for your hair to constantly flatten or curl it with a hot press every day. You should limit your use of a hairstyling iron, to just two or three times a week. In between stylings, if you like your hair curly, you should use rollers each night in your hair so you can retain the curl until the next time you iron it. You shouldn't straighten your hair too often either. To help keep your hair straight after ironing, use dry shampoo at night and comb your hair thoroughly to one side. before bed wrap your hair in a scarf to keep it in shape.


Hairstyling Iron Tips to Give You Better Curls and Straighter Hair 2



Can You Use a Clothes Iron for Your Hair?

Some people seem to think that this works pretty well. I don't trust it. I won't try it and I don't think that you should try it either. You are putting hundreds of degrees of heat onto your head. You should use an appliance that is made for that, not cut corners and do something that is potentially unsafe. I don't mess around with hair irons. CHI makes me happy, because I trust the hairdresser-created brand for its high salon-grade quality. I love using the Petal Party Tourmaline Ceramic 1" Hairstyling Iron because it gives me everything I need in an iron, including versatility, which isn't common among other hairstyling irons on the market. The 1" curved floating plates allow me to use it for curls and waves, not just as a straightener.




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