Make Your House Smell Like Christmas

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These Christmas hacks are THE BEST! I am so happy I found these GREAT ideas and tips! Now I have great ways to make my home smell great on a budget. So pinning!

It’s officially time to ditch the PSLs and bring on the eggnog.  In other words, Christmas is right around the corner. Whether you are ready to bring on the holidays or you need a kick in the pants, it’s time to make your house smell like Christmas.  It can be a long and laborious process getting the halls decked. However, it can be a very simple start. The best way to invoke the Christmas spirit is with the distinct smells of the Christmas season.  There are many convenient ways to make your house smell like Christmas. You will get yourself into the holiday mood and it won’t take too much time.


Pump a New Soap

You may use bar soap in your restrooms.  If that’s the case, then I recommend switching to liquid soap, at least for the season.  There are so many amazing holiday scents to choose from. So, you will be able to select that perfect blend that specifically says Christmas to you.  It may not make your house smell like Christmas, but it will do wonders in that little room. Plus, your hands will smell like Christmas, too.

Light New Candles

As with soaps candles come in a wide variety of Christmas scents.  You can choose between woodsy, or sugary, or spicy. Scented candles can duplicate the aromas of baking which is widely associated with Christmas.  Call it a cheat, or a hack. I just call it good scents! If you don’t want to light candles, oil diffusers and plug-ins will also do the job. Another excellent thing to light is the fireplace.  If you’ve got a wood burning fireplace, you have a built-in Christmas factory!

Bake New Treats

Okay, so scented rooms are great, but there isn’t a substitute for the real deal.  I mean, you can’t eat a candle. Baking holiday treats is a sure fire way to make your house smell like Christmas.  Cook up some holiday cheer by filling your home with fragrant cookies, pies, and gingerbread.

Simmer New Spices

Baking is not everybody’s thing, but maybe you still want to rely on natural kitchen aroma’s to make your house smell like Christmas.  If that’s the case, then why not simmer something on the stove top. It’s a lot easier than baking and less involved. Just fill a pot with water and add some mulling spices.  You can even mull cider or wine if you prefer. Whatever liquid you choose to simmer on the burner add some cinnamon, cloves, and oranges to get that Christmas Bouquet.

Add New Decor

Another great way to make your house smell like Christmas is by adding natural decor, like wreaths and pine cones.  surround yourself with nature in your home to bring the subtle aromatic influence of pine, fruits, and spices. Scented candles, air fresheners, plug-ins, and essential oil diffusers are all meant as substitutes for the real thing.  If you can incorporate pine naturally into your home, you will benefit from the smell, but also the decor.


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