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8 Essentials You Need In Your Carry On

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8 Essentials You Need In Your Carry On 1

Packing for a trip can seem a daunting task. Remembering everything and abiding TSA approved specifications are a lot for anyone. As someone that only travels with a carry-on, it makes travel easier but you also need to be sure everything fits. Since I travel frequently, I like it's because I can be sure luggage isn't lost because I haven’t checked anything. Not to mention I am also not dealing expensive checked bag fees.

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When I travel, I have a tote as my personal item and a carry on so that everything remains with me at all times. So what does my baggage have? Essentials that not only get me through flights, layovers and my trip without concern of the dreaded lost luggage. Here are my baggage tips on travel essentials to pack in your personal and carry-on bag.

8 Essentials You Need In Your Carry On 2

Since I travel with a tote as my personal item, inside that is a handbag or wallet and necessities (snacks lol) that I'll need on the plane or layover as well as my laptop as well as:


While I mentioned this above, I wanted to get more detailed on what I'm looking for here. First, as I am limited on space IF I take a handbag, it's rare and only when I know I'll be attending some sort of function. Even then it's only a crossbody or clutch.

The wallet I have is just large enough to keep my money, credit cards, and organize my travel docs for a quick grab. I like my wallet to hold:

  • Credit cards and cash
  • Passport
  • Boarding Pass
  • Photocopies of docs for emergency
  • Printout of accommodation confirmation

8 Essentials You Need In Your Carry On 3

Travel Scarf

I actually have two! One is a travel scarf pillow and the other is a hidden pocket scarf. The travel scarf pillow supports my neck if I should fall asleep on the plane or in the airport. The hidden pocket scarf hides valuables inside. This gives me peace of mind that if my bag is grabbed, they aren't getting away with money, credit cards or my passport.

8 Essentials You Need In Your Carry On 48 Essentials You Need In Your Carry On 5

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Many of my flights have in-flight tv or I can listen to music, which I tend to do and close my eyes.

8 Essentials You Need In Your Carry On 6


Most of my flights have in-flight charging but when I fly Silver within Florida or Bahamas I need a power bank to ensure my phone doesn't die from extended movie or music.

8 Essentials You Need In Your Carry On 7

Eye Mask and Ear Buds

Personally, I never sleep without sleep without an eye mask or earplugs and I certainly can't when traveling. New bed and environment and noise.

8 Essentials You Need In Your Carry On 8

Long Cardigan

Flights can be cold so I always have a long cardigan along.

8 Essentials You Need In Your Carry On 9

As for the carry on:


You never want to be unprepared or have your meds lost. These should always be in your carry on. You'll want to be prepared with contacts as well. I don't know about you but I can't see much far without mine so I'd hate to be on a trip I can't see.


This one is obvious and no need to explain, right? Remember to follow TSA guidelines on what you can carry.

  • Wipes
  • Travel deodorant
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Stick/ Rollon Perfume
  • Female Products

8 Essentials You Need In Your Carry On 10

The rest of my remaining space is the clothes for the trip. Yes, it all goes in these two bags. What do you take in your carry on?

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