All-New Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerators Is Refrigeration, Reinvented | #FollowTheFridge 1

All-New Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerators Is Refrigeration, Reinvented | #FollowTheFridge

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All-New Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerators


All-New Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerators are Fresh By Design


With my refrigerator acting up, It's time to start looking before it goes out. It is making loud noises in addition to the ice maker having gone out. Not too mention, its interior size is not adequate, especially for a family. It looks big on the outside, but once you open the door you realize it isn't an effective utilization of the interior upon design. 



With the holidays upon us, it is especially important to make this decision now. We wouldn't want it to go out when we have company coming. Let, me tell you, this happened one year and it was not fun!



We were making treats on Christmas Eve and the stove went out. Thank goodness it was early enough in the day to run out to the store and grab one. With company coming for a holiday meal the next day, we could not be without a stove.



We started looking and I am leaning towards having a counter depth model for best alignment with my kitchen design aesthetics to create a seamless look. 



Having said that, if you consider this option, it is even more important to have enough space and take good measurements where it will go. I know you are thinking we all need to do this anyway. However, counter-depth they are wider than the typical refrigerator. 



Some of you may not like the idea of wider, but let me say if you've ever tried to fit a platter of any sort in your refrigerator, they generally do not fit in a typical refrigerator.



So, with the holidays almost upon us, I am really looking at fitting larger items like platters as a huge plus. As a family that entertains a lot, this will be a great bonus for us. 



I have narrowed my choice at Best Buy, my one-stop shop for its multitude of choices in one place, to the All-New Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerator for its wider width and counter-depth attractiveness.

All-New Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerators 2

In addition to its width and depth, having touch-sensitive controls make operation simple at even the busiest and chaotic times and its LED interior lighting with Bright lights to illuminate interior help see everything day or night.



With a family, we all know how important organization is. With 5 tempered glass shelves, 4 of which are adjustable and half-width, 3 gallon door bins and 2 humidity controlled compartments to provide ample space for storing items, you'll organize contents with ease.



Since we are also primarily water drinkers and hate plastic waste, we love that it has an internal water dispenser with replacement filter that delivers filtered water with one touch along with an automatic ice maker which provides a steady supply of ice without the mess of having to refill ice trays.
One of the most important features I almost missed is a door alarm which alerts you when the refrigerator door is accidentally left open to save energy. This is especially important with kids as they can (and have, at least in my home) left the door open. This can save you from a costly and messy event.
All-New Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerators 3

All-New Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerators Have Many Features


Fresh by Design.™  It’s refrigeration, reinvented.


The revolutionary FarmFresh System™ combines four innovative technologies to keep your food fresh up to 3x longer, for less food wasted.*


*As compared to a Bosch refrigerator without FarmFresh System™. Results may vary among different foods.


Product Features:

  • The new FarmFresh System™ uses four innovative freshness technologies to keep your food fresher, longer: 
  • VitaFreshPro™ offers preset settings that automatically balance BOTH temperature and humidity
  • FreshProtect™absorbs naturally occurring ethylene to slow ripening, so produce stays fresher, longer.
  • MultiAirFlow™ evenly circulates cool, fresh air to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the entire fridge cavity, from the door bins to back corners.
  • AirFresh® Filter absorbs even the toughest food odors, keeping your refrigerator and freezer air fresh.


 - The Bosch UltraClarityPro™ water filter reduces >99.9% of sediments that may be found in your water, including harsh elements like chlorine and chloramine.


 - Organize your fridge in new ways. FlexBar™ creates extra space in your refrigerator – it’s the perfect home for wine bottles, condiment jars, eggs, and more.


 - True counter-depth refrigeration, this freestanding refrigerator sits flush with the countertop, features hidden hinges, and discreet tucked away feet, all to give you a true built-in look and feel.


 - Dual compressors and dual evaporators offer efficient and precise cooling and humidity control, while significantly limiting odor transfer between the refrigerator and freezer, for the optimal freshness environment.


 - A generous 21 cu. Ft. capacity is made event more spacious with flexible storage features like FlexBar™, removable shelves, and door bins.


 - The sleek, internal stainless steel back wall is made from the highest quality materials. Eye-catching and durable, it’s a timeless design that’s built to last.


 - Featured on both sets of doors, three wide gallon door bins easily accommodate two large side-by-side gallon containers each.


 - An ingenious three-tier layered freezer drawer system creates extra storage for frozen items, from pizza boxes to frozen waffles.


 - Full width chiller drawer: store oversized platters with ease until you’re ready to serve them, or store snacks for quick access and easy visibility.


 - Master your day, in your own way, with Home Connect™.  The Home Connect™ app allows you to remotely monitor and control your Bosch refrigerator from your smartphone or tablet. Control the temperature, adjust lighting, run diagnostics—wherever you are,** for ultimate convenience. Connected refrigerators from Bosch are designed to give you peace of mind, customization, and simplification.

**Connectivity and speed varies based on network and Wi-Fi levels.

All-New Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerators Is Refrigeration, Reinvented | #FollowTheFridge 2

If you are in the market for a new refrigerator, this should be a contender with its advanced features.  If it won't fit in your spot, be sure to check out standard Bosch refrigerators! Having had one in my previous house (that's still going with its new owner), I highly recommend the brand!



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