15 Easy Game Day Snacks to Make 1

15 Easy Game Day Snacks to Make

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15 Easy Game Day Snacks to Make 2


Easy Game Day Snacks Inspiration

It's game day and you have no idea what kind of food you'll have for the main event. Game day snacks make or break the big game so you need to think fast in order to pull out a W for your tailgate or viewing party snacks. If your empty-handed and about to throw in the towel, don't give up yet. These easy game day snacks recipes will have you scoring at the buzzer.


15 Easy Game Day Snacks to Make 3

1. Fried Ravioli 

The pleasure of eating your favorite stuffed pasta with your hands is only matched by the fact that this recipe is gluten-free!


15 Easy Game Day Snacks to Make 4

2. Mexican Style Tortilla Rollups

Mix. Spread. Roll. Chill. Slice. Just add your favorite salsa and this no-cook recipe is dunzo!


15 Easy Game Day Snacks to Make 5



3. Low Carb Meatballs Buffalo Chicken Style

These keto-friendly meatballs are low on carbs, high on flavor, and super easy to make. Inspired by a halftime favorite, the buffalo chicken flavor definitely crosses the goal line.


15 Easy Game Day Snacks to Make 6

4. Oven-Fried Pickles

I know your short on time, so just scroll to the bottom of Tidy Mom's post for an awesome "fried" pickle recipe done in five easy steps. You probably have the short list of ingredients already in your pantry at home.


15 Easy Game Day Snacks to Make 7

5. Homemade Pretzel Bites 

Pretzel bites with your choice of dip are always a winning combo. It's one of the best hand-held easy game day snack recipes you can make.


15 Easy Game Day Snacks to Make 8

6. Tuscan White Bean Dip

Looking for the perfect game day dip? Try this easy to make Tuscan inspired white bean dip recipe.


15 Easy Game Day Snacks to Make 9

7. Cheesy Pull Apart Pizza Bread

Yes. It's a real thing. Yes. It's everything you want it to be. This easy game day snack is packed with pizza flavor and highly customizable.


15 Easy Game Day Snacks to Make 10

8. Antipasto Skewers

I love this game day spin on an antipasto. Forget boards. Everything you need on a single stick. this is ideal for game watching. Best of all, there's no cooking for this easy game day snack.


15 Easy Game Day Snacks to Make 11

9. Buffalo Chicken Tortilla Pinwheels

Here is another take on popular buffalo chicken. This pinwheel recipe is as easy as rolling up and slicing. It makes a hearty handheld snack for everybody.


15 Easy Game Day Snacks to Make 12

10. Chocolate Dipped Game Day Snacks 

This blew my mind. How did I not think of dipping snacks in chocolate? This is as easy as melting down chocolate chips and dipping whatever you got on your shelf. Seriously. You can do that? Why wasn't I told?


15 Easy Game Day Snacks to Make 13

11. Game Day Half-Time Brownies

Take those pretzels and chips and throw them out the window. No! Wait! Don't! Bake them into a brownie instead! Just look at these photos and try not to make this for yourself at home. Game day, what?


15 Easy Game Day Snacks to Make 14


12. Sour Cream, Onion & Herb Mini Cheese Ball Bites

You can't leave out cheese balls as contenders for the ultimate easy game-day snack. These ones pack serious flavor and you may not be able to stop yourself from eating them all before the coin toss.


15 Easy Game Day Snacks to Make 15


13. Slow Cooker Sweet Spicy Sausage

This is easy, but not necessarily quick. If you have a moment to throw a few things together several hours before the event, you should definitely give this one a try.


game day snacks

14. Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Dip

Another take on the classic buffalo chicken flavor profile. This one is a dip.


15 Easy Game Day Snacks to Make 16

15. Easy Meatball Sliders

Finally, we have these tasty meatball sliders. Easy to make, delightful to eat. You can't go wrong!

I hope you enjoyed this list of inspiring easy game day snack options. More importantly, I hope you found one to make. Come back and leave a comment to let me know how your game day event was and what you made.

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