Best Gifts For Women

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We've rounded up all the best gifts for the women in your life with these must-have gifts for women. We've found the best in everything for women from beauty products and jewelry to tech accessories and tea towels, there's a little something for everyone here, whether you're shopping for your mom, your sister, or your BFFs.

Best Gifts For Women 1

JAGGED LITTLE PILL (ORIGINAL BROADWAY CAST RECORDING)" features all-new renditions of songs originally featured on Alanis Morissette's groundbreaking 1995 debut album co-written by Glenn Ballard - including such hits as "You Oughta Know," "Hand In My Pocket," and "Ironic" - along with other selections from her extensive catalog, and two new songs - "Smiling" and "Predator" - written expressly for the musical by Morissette & Michael Farrell. The album is produced by Neal Avron & Tom Kitt and co-produced by Pete Ganbarg, Craig Rosen, Michael Parker, Vivek J. Tiwary, Arvind Ethan David, and Eva Price.

Best Gifts For Women 2

Alana Athletica yoga pants are $120 worth of quality for a $68 price point – they have multi-way stretch fabric with a higher GSM and recovery modulus than leading brands, enabling a versatile and dynamic stretch with a non-pilling, never sheer guarantee, supported by a customizable waistband for wear preference (hi, mid, lo). They are fully antimicrobial and all-over moisture-wicking, with a non-toxic silver ion finish for odor banishing.

Best Gifts For Women 3

As a mum, you deserve to look and feel your best!

At this time in your life you deserve to look great and feel special, and most of all, to wear clothes that allow you to be the best mum you can be. That’s the ethos behind Cadenshae’s maternity activewear range. Check it out and buy online now.

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Shapewear has no longer become a taboo beauty secret. Even celebrities will admit to wearing these miracle undergarments for slimming and trimming. I want to introduce you to a brand that takes this concept of compression to a new level. Wink Shapewear has your post-baby body in mind designing these shapers for your postpartum recovery and comfort whether you had a regular delivery or C-section. Additionally, these garments aid any woman undergoing abdominal surgery, liposuction or simply want a slender silhouette. 

Price: $139..99

Best Gifts For Women 5

The Gift that Gives Twice....

This Christmas busy families everywhere can de-stress and take a bath with Mom Bombs filled with organic, luxurious ingredients, and while they're relaxing in the tub, they're also helping other mothers in need. How the heck does that work? 


Mom Bombs for the bath - created by a working mom in Boston seeking relief from a serious medical issue - feature gorgeous, elegant packaging and Argan oil and essential oils to provide indulgent relief from a stressful day. A portion of every sale of Mom Bombs helps mothers in need such as house cleaning or meal delivery services, child care, etc., through mombomb.org, a non-profit giving organization that lends a helping hand to moms who find themselves in a life-changing event and need some support. Moms helping Moms


We are sold in national retail stores such at Boscov's, Bartell's and Wegman's and on Amazon. Please check out our website BuyBombsHelpMoms.com 

Best Gifts For Women 6

Just in time for the holidays, SALEM Series creator/ artist Sam Sawyer's newest tarot deck, “The Fae and Ferns” is available on Etsy. “The Fae and Ferns” is a full 78 card divination tool for the amateur mystic to the witch in the wood. The deck draws inspiration from the nature-- bees, bugs, birds, and bunnies all find a place in this deck. Sam also sells art, pins and charms, all original concepts created and illustrated by her athttps://www.etsy.com/shop/MySincerelySam.

Note: There are two versions of the tarot deck, standard and metallic. The standard deck ($45) comes in a tuck box for no charge. If you would like to have your deck inside of a rigid custom color box, it is available for an additional $5 upgrade. The metallic tarot cards ($50) come with the rigid box at no extra charge.



We have designed and manufactured a compact case that allows you to travel virtually anywhere with your 50ml liquor bottles. Choose from top grain leather or heavy weight canvas.



You will find that the flat design helps the BAR2GO fit in tight spaces, the sturdy foam insert helps protect your bottles, and the cut outs in the foam fit many of the 50ml liquor bottles on the market. Bottles are included if you prefer to fill from your own liquor cabinet or live in a state that does not sell mini liquor bottles. The cases are available in a number of designs.

Not to mention... they're made in the USA!


Best Gifts For Women 7

Perfect dresses for the modern day on the go women. Women with an active lifestyle. We have been developing this mainly because it was a main struggle for us!

We create packable wrinkle resistant clothing for women! And we're here to empower these women to worry less about clothing so they can really focus on what else matters!

Best Gifts For Women 8


Each dress come with a built in pouch that packs the dress away snuggly.  The pouch also comes with an accessories pouch so you can fit any accessories for that dress/attire. It's perfect for women who need to pack for multiple events in a day. 

Best Gifts For Women 9

Here's our website: www.origamei.com

Press: https://origamei.com/a/press-kit

Youtube video: https://youtu.be/sMuMnM2DB8E

Christmas Outfit Ideas

CoolRevolution, an online company that sells pajamas to help women sleep cooler and more comfortable. The sleepwear line includes four pieces: T-shirt, pants, shorts and tank. All are made from cooling, moisture-wicking, naturally antibacterial bamboo.

Customer reviews: 

“Most comfortable things ever,” one customer said. “Just had surgery and chest is very sore! You must get!!! I will be living in them! They make you feel cute when wearing them so when people stop by I am comfortable yet look stylish and not like “normal pjs!” I will be ordering another color as well!”


“Thank you for an awesome product that delivers as advertised! The Tee is so comfortable I want to wear it all the time. Definitely felt the cooling effect as I actually slept with the covers on for a change. How about some additional color selections? Very pleased. Already bought one for a friend,” another customer wrote.

Best Gifts For Women 10


Perfect for the wilderness, these soft and comfy leggings feel smooth on your skin, fit like a glove and allow total freedom of movement. The nature inspired designs are versatile enough to wear in the outdoors and around town. Tops also available. Enjoy the many compliments you receive while wearing them.

link: www.soaraingfrog.com

Best Gifts For Women 11

Founded in 2018, Leena & Lu combines the best that Peru and the United States have to offer to create luxury sleepwear unlike any other. We have sourced the softest organic fair trade cotton that is not only safer for you and your family, but better for the environment.

Our entire production process is free of chemicals and pesticides, so the sleepwear is not only better for you, but also the farmers, workers, and the world we live in.

Organic cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, making it not only less likely to trigger an allergic reaction, but also healing to the skin. Our colors come from all natural dyes and we only produce in small batches, with an intense focus on quality, not quantity

 Leena & Lu is changing the way we view sleepwear. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself not wanting to get dressed in the morning! These sophisticated styles aren’t just for sleeping- they easily transition into daytime loungewear.

So relax comfortably and sleep well. Leena & Lu is taking care of you, with your health and the wellness of the world in mind.

Best Gifts For Women 12

People of all ages know comfort at night will make the difference between a great night's sleep or a sleepless night. Cool-jams, recently selected by Apparel Magazine as one of America's most innovative apparel companies, is known for its top performing collection of temperature regulating sleepwear. 
These innovative sleep products provide a good night's sleep, an important factor in maintaining alertness and efficiency throughout the day.

Cool-jams Features and Benefits: 

* Cool-jams lightweight moisture-wicking fabric helps restful sleep by regulating body heat. The fibers in the sleepwear pull heat and moisture to the surface of the fabric where it quickly evaporates and helps to keep the body temperature regulated. It feels like cotton, is lightweight and silky to the touch. 
* Cool-jams sleepwear is perfect for the traveler because it's 
compact, wrinkle resistant and quick drying-in fact testing shows that it is the fastest drying fabric in the world (4X faster than cotton). We've also built in a natural antibacterial component to keep the sleepwear fresh and odor free. These features are all very important requirements of travel clothing. Rinse in the sink, wring and hang to dry and the pjs are ready to 
wear again in a few hours. 
* The pajamas are comfortable for either warm or cool climates, summer or winter seasons. When it's hot, the pajamas draw excess heat and moisture away from the body and when the temperatures get cooler, the pajamas still 
feel warm and cozy. 
* Our Cool-jams fabric is a specially designed smart fabric that has been engineered to feel like soft cotton, but has all the attributes associated with the fastest wicking and drying material in the world. Our ground-breaking fabric, with its super soft cotton-like comfort and feel, offers the superior odor and bacterial control which delivers unparalleled 
performance in moisture management, dries 4 times faster than cotton, lasts 6 times longer than cotton fabric, maintains color sharpness with minimal fade and is a viable alternative to cotton in any application where the inferior attributes of cotton have been considered the standard. 
* The Cool-jams fabric was developed initially for the Canadian armed forces. The military had requested development of a fabric that would look and feel like cotton but had other characteristics to include wicking ability, temperature regulation, quick drying ability, anti microbial longevity and effectiveness, anti-pilling, washability and wearability. Our proprietary sleepwear fabric is only available in Cool-jams Performance Sleepwear making Cool-jams the most innovative, luxurious and advanced performance sleepwear collection available anywhere. 


Best Gifts For Women 13

BENDY, a modern comfortable shoe with a lower carbon footprint, handcrafted in California. 

There are many things that set us apart from other comfort shoes, mainly our shoe is very stylish so it ditches the ugly comfort shoe stigma, but the BENDY is also made in California. Our shoe has a lower carbon footprint and generates less emissions because it has just eight components vs thirty in an average sneaker. The Bendy is cut close to order, so it produces less waste, and uses a stitched construction, which averts toxic glues. Because production is in California, the shoe isn’t transported over vast distances and it maintains a lower carbon footprint. The BENDY also promotes fair wages and safe working conditions for workers.

Best Gifts For Women 14

The Spanish Sandal Co.

Embrace the Spanish lifestyle with our « avarca » sandals, the go-to summer shoes from Spain. Casual but chic, the sandals can be dressed up or down, from work to the beach straight to date night. They are so comfortable you can wear them all day long.

Try them out...You'll want them in every color!

Best Gifts For Women 15

Viakix, a family-owned US footwear company that sells outdoor sandals for women. Comfortable Walking Sandals, Hiking Sandals, & More for Women | Shop our collection of stylish and comfortable women's outdoor sandals - from hiking sandals, walking sandals, wedge sandals, water sandals & more. Our athletic sport sandals feature outstanding arch support to provide a comfortable orthotic fit with each step. 


Best Gifts For Women 16

MantraBands are simple, elegant bracelets with a touch of delicate polish and an uplifting message; promoting a lifestyle of optimism, positivity, mindfulness. Wear your MantraBand every day as your daily reminder, affirmation, and inspiration. Made with love.

Best Gifts For Women 17

Introducing Delicora.  High quality, lightweight, delicate.  Personal jewelry as unique as the woman who wears it – designed with simplicity and timeless style.

Founder Sandra Martinelli creates every unique collection for all skin types using hypoallergenic 14k gold filled and sterling silver materials.  From classic to bohemian to sophisticated styles, the collection includes a wide range of semi-precious stones intended to capture a woman’s confidence, natural beauty and individual style.  

Delicora prides itself on its charitable DNA. For every piece sold, 20 meals are donated to fighting hunger through Feeding America. Delicora participates in additional efforts to give back with programs including Dress for Success, UNICEF, Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services, the California Fire Foundation and many more. 

Handmade with love in the Silicon Valley. Est. 2017
Available at Delicora.com and over 20 specialty boutiques nationwide.

Best Gifts For Women 18

TasselRue is more than just a pretty piece of jewelry, and it’s more than the first contemporary graphic jewelry.. it’s literally a dream come true. It’s the culmination of the basic and yet most powerful phrase, “Never, never, never give up.” by Winston Churchill.

So my amazing (hopefully) TasselRue fans, what’s YOUR dream? What’s your, this is too big, this is too crazy, my friends and family will roll their eyes at me, I’m not knowledgeable enough to make this happen dream? Because those were her fears starting out too. When something seemed too big and too overwhelming, she’d whisper, “How do I eat an elephant? One bite at a time” and even though that whole elephant was staring in her face, she’d concentrate on that one bite.

I sincerely hope that when you wear TasselRue you realize that your big, scary, exhilarating dream is just an elephant that needs to be eaten too.

Best Gifts For Women 19

DLK Designs Vintage maps style a sophisticated pair of cufflinks handcrafted from sterling silver.


Hinged bullet back closure.

Approximate dimensions: 3/4"W x 1"L.

Sterling silver.

By Dana Klopfer; made in the USA.

Free Shipping

DLK Designs

Established in 2007, from cuff links to tuxedo studs and tie bars to tie tacks, DLK Designs, excels in personalized and accessible luxury accessories for the modern man's occasion-filled lifestyle.


Best Gifts For Women 20

Pixel Eyewear

Safeguard your eyes while wearing stylish frames from Pixel Eyewear. Pixel Eyewear provides breakthrough lens technology that filters 50 percent of blue light and up to 95 percent at the strongest wavelengths, without the yellow tint. Lenses also contain nanotechnology that reduce smudges and repel water and dust. For comfort, each lens has an anti-reflective coating, eliminating computer glare and reducing the stress on your eyes.




Best Gifts For Women 21

Topfoxx, a 100% women-owned and operated eyewear company. We sell women's sunglasses in varied styles, catering to all the boss babes out there and women who are beyond average! The company has been running since 2015 and has garnered 270,000 Instagram followers as of today.

Eyewear is always an essential—whether you need sunglasses to protect your eyes outdoors or need anti-blue light specs while working, we provide the functionality you need in gorgeous styles.

Best Gifts For Women 22


Featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things two years in a row (2017 & 2018), Pudus is sure to become one of your favorite things as a pampering essential.  

Our Slipper Sock Collection is extra cozy and will be sure to keep your loved ones feet warm & comfortable during the cold winter months. Featuring ultra-plush faux fur lining and non-slip grippers for safety, they are great hospital socks or reading socks for lounging at home.

With over 75 trendy designs and one-size fits most adjustable sizing, you will be sure to find something for every style and everyone on your list, making gift giving a breeze for those hard to shop loved ones!

Best Gifts For Women 23

Our I Am Love Mantra Medallion is the reminder you need that you are worthy and that pure love is your true fundamental nature. The imagery on the medallion offers a visual representation of love, tranquility and harmony with the self, and with nature. A heart is placed right in the center, symbolizing the innate love present at the core of each one of us. The mindfulness symbol surrounding the figure is a sign to return to the present moment, to let go of any suffering from the past, and avoid worrying about the future. The tree of life weaves its way around the edges, signifying life, growth, strength and abundance.

If you have ever struggled to stay grounded in the present moment, the Be Here Now Mantra Medallion is the perfect reminder for you! So often, we get stuck in memories of the past, or worries about the future. Learning to come back as often as you can to the present, and refocusing your attention to the abundance that is available to you, is one of the most important skills you can learn and can be beneficial at any time in your life, no matter where you are in your journey. 

If you are a yoga instructor, this Mantra Medallion can also be a welcome addition to your classes. Students can hold onto them at the beginning of class to assist in setting an intention for their practice, and they can also use them as more subtle way to indicate if they prefer not to have hands-on adjustments during the class because they are dealing with an injury, past trauma, or for any other reason. Have them keep their Mantra Medallion on the corner of their mat during class with the Hamsa Hand facing up if they are okay having hands-on assist, or the mantra side up if they prefer verbal adjustments. 

Best Gifts For Women 24

We always want to make sure our gifts bring joy. Yet, with all the things in our lives, we forget about self-care and wellness. Tracy’s Dog Vibrator has become famous after a viral funny review by a user, that was shared thousands of times overall social media and has 14,000 likes one that one single comment on Amazon. It has since, only grown in popularity amongst couples and “solo players”. 

We aim to be, what modern approach to therapy is today, and eliminate the taboo around orgasms. We want to eliminate the shame around purchasing sex toys, getting educated in using them, solo or in a couple, and exploring what brings you to the proverbial peak

The vibrator comes in a discreet package, is made out of body-safe silicone, and features an elegant, waterproof design. And what’s even better, it doesn’t require batteries but instead is charged via USB. It’s ready to go for 60 minutes at a full charge while being rather subtle, and it’s ideal for beginners. It has 10 vibration patterns & its sucking function has 10 intensity levels. And it does one single job – it treats you to an extraordinary “I died and met Jesus” orgasm(s). 

With Tracy’s Dog vibrators, women can explore comfortably what gets them ticking, alone or in a couple. Now that is something that will shake off the stress of the holidays. Even when you just have a few minutes.


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