How To Hide Images In Your Blog Post

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 omg these ideas are amazing! I can't wait to start implementing them!


If you’ve been blogging awhile and you are following the tip to make 4-5 pins for your post, then you may have been wondering if you can hide them in your post.

Yes! You can hide images in your blog posts!

Some of you might be thinking why can’t I just include them in my post, right? But you want your post to look nice and free from extra distractions. There’s no need to have 5 pins showing on the post.

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Creating multiple Pinterest images for your posts will test which get a better response.

Since I had to figure this out for myself, I thought I’d share with you just HOW to do this so you aren’t searching for it. Here is my easy step-by-step:

How To Hide Images In Your Blog Post 1

Insert Image Into Your Post

Obviously, you need to first insert the image. Once you’ve done that, click the tab that says TEXT right next to visual in your post editor dashboard.


How To Hide Images In Your Blog Post 2


Next, you’ll need to look for and find the image tag for the image you are wanting to hide. (It will look something like <img class=”alignnone wp-image-4159 size-full” src=”” alt=”” width=”873″ height=”117″ />)

When you find it,you need to add this code before the opening img tag. 

<div style=”display:none;”>

Then, after the close of the tag, add this code after the closing tag.


It should end up looking like this:

How To Hide Images In Your Blog Post 3


Check post to verify your images are not being seen.

Go back up and click on the visual tab, scroll your post looking for the image to be sure it is hidden.

If your code was added correctly and worked, you won’t see the image.

That’s it! Easy Peasy, right?!


How To Hide Images In Your Blog Post 4


Want to see mine in action?

For this post, I created additional pins and hid them.

Simply click the Pinterest share button and it will show the other pins that are hidden! Comment how many you found!

How To Hide Images In Your Blog Post 5

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