40 Low Carb Mexican Recipes You'll Be Making Every Keto Taco Tuesday 1
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40 Low Carb Mexican Recipes You’ll Be Making Every Keto Taco Tuesday

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Low Carb Mexican Recipes? Yes, please! I remember when I first started my low carb lifestyle many years ago... it was something I kept secret because of the backlash I would get and I was over it. Now, it seems like everyone is on a low carb or keto. With all its benefits, who can blame them, am I right?! 

Keto and low carb not only provides many health benefits, but it allows me to eat the most normal. I was never able to be a calorie or points watcher. Yes, I do watch the carb counts but for me, it's just easy. I think it will be for you as well. It's also just 'regular' foods. With that, I'm sharing keto Low Carb Mexican Recipes for all your taco Tuesdays!

Since Mexican recipes incorporate a bit of fat with avocado, sour cream, etc., let's first talk about fat as it relates to a keto low carb lifestyle!

40 Low Carb Mexican Recipes You'll Be Making Every Keto Taco Tuesday 2

Low Carb Mexican Recipes and Fat

Fat Only Makes You Fat When Paired With Carbohydrates - Truth Or Myth?

Low Carb Mexican RecipesWait just a darn minute, so you mean to tell me fats are not the bad guys? That they are mere “accomplices,” or the subject of peer pressure?

Yep, chances are you have been wrong about fat your entire life. Kind of like that one guy in high school who was too weird to be friends with, but now owns a fortune 500 company!

See, for years, decades even, we have been fed with misinformation, as a result of a correlational, and not a causational link. To illustrate, a great example would be to say, “People that are born have a 100% chance of dying.” We know that we all have to diet, but being born is not the direct cause of it. That sums up the similar assumptions made on fat.

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Interestingly, fat began to get a bad rap sheet the same time the introduction of readily available carbs appeared. Think breakfast cereals, and snacks. At this time, cases of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, a range of metabolic disorders and obesity began to spike.

Yes, in fact, by approaching studies involving fats with a biased eye, the verdict was met before having a fair trial.

So what is the truth? Read on and find out yourself!

Insulin Calls The Shots Behind The Scenes

When we ingest foods, be it fats, carbs or proteins, the molecules contained in them do not magically turn into fat, or new cells or whatever. They must be “shuttled” to their final destination y something. This conductor is insulin.

Under normal circumstances (by normal, we mean occasional stimulation), insulin is the prodigal hormone. It is important for ensuring nutrients get where it has to go, so that cells and subsequent organs function, as they should.

However, following the introduction, and subsequent frequent consumption of carb-heavy foods, insulin started working overtime, “hoarding” nutrients into cells, more particularly, fat cells.

As these fat cells grew, and insulin lost sensitivity, a dangerous cocktail of elevated blood sugar and fat levels resulted, setting the stage for diabetes and high cholesterol.

Fat Does Not Like To Be Stored

You may or may not know insulin by its name “the storage hormone,” as its primary role is that defined. However, fat had different things in mind. Research has shown that our ancestors were very lean and healthy, all thanks to primary fat metabolism.

Their diets consisted mainly of wild animals, with the occasional forage consumed too (such as berries). The result was a metabolism that used fats for fuel, the way we were meant to function but altered via means of mass-produced cheap carbohydrate foods. Under the influence of insulin, however, fats are powerless to be burned directly as fuel, and will only be called upon in cases when sugars are low.

It is then, or when following a ketogenic diet (low carb eating that results in ketosis where the body uses fat for energy instead of dietary carbs), that the true beauty of using fat as a primary fuel source is revealed.

Fats Do Not Stimulate Insulin Release

Fact- you can literally eat a whole cow and not experience a surge of insulin, causing your body to begin oxidizing the fat directly for fuel. However, the typical idea of a meal includes both carbohydrate and fat, resulting in storage of both in cells until needed (if ever).

Without the influence of carbs, and associated insulin spikes, fats are easily burned off and not stored in fat cells.

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Truth: fat is not bad for you by itself; rather only when under insulin’s grasp.

What’s even more revealing is the fact that the ketogenic diet; one high in protein and fats, but extremely low in carbs, promotes weight loss and leads to improved health, far over the “approved diets” of the world’s governments.

A deliberate ploy to enrich pharmaceutical companies? Hmmm, we hope not!

The many studies that have shown low carb diets to be more effective in actual pounds lost and reducing cholesterol levels than low-fat diets support the theory, that low carb is more effective for weight loss and burning body fat.

Of course, you can also ask the thousands of people, many of whom were obese, who have successfully lost weight and kept it off with a low carb diet if you are still not convinced.

These Low Carb Mexican Recipes Are Gonna Be Your New Favorite Recipes For Taco Tuesday

These Low Carb Mexican Recipes will be a hit with your whole family!

  1. Mexican Breakfast Casserole | The Whole Cook
  2. Mexican Cornbread Casserole Taco Pie | Low Carb Maven 
  3. Low Carb Taco Cabbage Skillet | Hey Keto Mama
  4. Crockpot Carnitas with Pork Tenderloin | 40 Aprons
  5. Low-Carb Ground Beef Cauliflower Rice Taco Bowls | Kalyn’s Kitchen
  6. Keto Carne Asada with Chimichurri | I Breathe I’m Hungry  
  7. Creamy Mexican Slow Cooker Chicken | Peace, Love and Low Carb
  8. Mexican Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers | Unbound Wellness
  9. Mexican Cauliflower Fried Rice | Paleo Running Mama 
  10. Mexican Cauliflower Rice Skillet | All Day I Dream About Food 
  11. Chili Lime Steak Foil Packs | Life Made Keto 
  12. Cheesy Beef Taco Skillet | Low Carb Yum 
  13. Enchilada Verde Turkey Meatballs | Fed and Fit
  14. Keto Sheet Pan Steak Fajitas | Ditch the Carbs 
  15. Chicken Fajita Kabobs | Low Carb Yum
  16. Mexican-Style Beef Cabbage Skillet | Paleo Leap
  17. Low Carb Mexican Stuffed Peppers | Healthy Seasonal Recipes 
  18. Mexican Cauliflower Rice with Cheesy Steak Roll-Ups | Eatwell 101
  19. Keto Pork Chops Al Pastor | I Breathe I’m Hungry 
  20. Mexican Shredded Chicken | Keto Connect 
  21. Keto Mexican Lasagna | Sugar Free Mom
  22. Instant Pot Keto Mexican Pulled Pork | Two Sleevers
  23. Paleo Burrito Bowl with Cauliflower Rice | Our Salty Kitchen
  24. Chicken Taco Lettuce Wraps | Gimme Delicious
  25. Low-Carb Coconut Flour Tortillas | Paleo Grubs
  26. Mexican Stuffed Avocado | Keto Connect
  27. Keto Mexican Cauliflower Rice | My Food Story
  28. Low Carb Tamale Pie | Lowcarb-ology
  29. Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice | My Montana Kitchen
  30. Super Crispy & Puffed Tortilla Chips | Gnom-Gnom
  31. Keto Mexican Breakfast Hash | Keto Diet App
  32. Cheese Taco Shells | Homemade Interest
  33. Keto Mexican 7 Layer Dip | I Breathe I’m Hungry
  34. Keto Taco Seasoning | Forget Sugar Friday
  35. Low Carb Creamy Taco Soup | Satisfying Eats
  36. Pico de Gallo | Low Carb So Simple
  37. Easy Queso Dip | Keto Connect 
  38. Keto Mexican Cauliflower Skewers |I Breathe I’m Hungry 
  39. Mexican Chori Pollo  I Breathe I’m Hungry
  40. Easy Salsa Chicken Skillet | Eating on a Dime 


I hope these Low Carb Mexican Recipes inspire you to go keto if you haven't already, or inspire you to incorporate Taco Tuesday within your new healthy lifestyle. These Low Carb Mexican Recipes are fairly easy and many are quick for weeknight meals.


40 Low Carb Mexican Recipes You'll Be Making Every Keto Taco Tuesday 3


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