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6 Nail Whitening Remedies You Must Try

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6 Nail Whitening Remedies You Must Try | 6 remedies to whiten nails that have been stained by polish or other tasks.


nail whitening remedies



I typically wear neutral toned polishes. But, every once in awhile, especially in winter, I wear a darker color such as a maroonish red. Then when I try to remove it, I am left with stained nails. This is easy to prevent with a top coat, a step I always forget! Because of this, I set out to find the remedies to whiten my nails.

I normally just coat my finger nails with a clear polish and call it day. But, the ONE time I painted them black, I had a huge problem. I had to either keep them painted forever, or try to get that awful grey hue out of my nails. To prevent the nail polish stain from happening in the first place, I should have just applied a base coat first, but NO. Not me. In desperation, I went on a hunt to find the fastest, easiest and best ways to whiten your nails back to normal. BONUS: Most of these little tricks I already had the ingredients for!


nail whitening remedies


Nail Whitening Remedies




I am starting off with this as it is the easiest of all. If we would just start with a base coat, we'd be set. But, no, we always skip or forget it. The extra step will prevent you from having to do all these other remedies as well as protecting your nails. 




So, as I've said, I skipped the top coat and needed a remedy. This is the first one I ever tried since I always have both on hand. Simply mix your 3% hydrogen peroxide with baking soda until it forms a pasty texture. Cover your fingertips with this mixture and allow it to stay for approximately 5 minutes. Wash hands. If it still has a slight tint, reapply for another 5 minutes.




When I repeated the mistake of not applying a top coat, this was my next experiment. I had this on hand (mine had baking soda which was an added benefit) and pulled it out to see how it worked. Either apply by hand or using a small brush, apply to nails, rubbing a little as if you are exfoliating. Let sit for approximately 5 minutes and then was off. 




I started keeping a nail whitening pencil on hand. Sometimes the things we do in life can discolor our nails. One such thing is a seasoning I use and rub onto a pork shoulder. It is orange and dyes my hands. I can generally wash a few times to remove it from my skin but I started keeping a nail whitening pencil for situations such as this. You can pick one up at your local drugstore or Walmart/Target or you can simply order a nail whitening pencil on Amazon for delivery to your door. If you are anything like me, you have Prime and are always ordering.




Unlike others, I rarely have lemon juice in the house unless a recipe called for it. It's unlikely that I would buy it for this. However, it's super easy. Simply squeeze lemon (or bottled lemon juice) into a plastic bowl (never metal with the acid  of the lemon), adding baking soda and mixing until you have a paste.  Using an old toothbrush (or dollar store toothbrushes), scrub the mixture on the nails to remove discoloration. Wash hand. Repeat if necessary.




I have yet to try this experiment as I will almost never have denture tablets around the house. Simply dissolve a denture tablet (or 2) in a bowl of warm water, then put your hands in to soak until you see the discoloration dissappear.


I'd love to hear which you try. Let me know your thoughts!






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