October #SPOOKtacularHop Giveaway!

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JS [email protected] AND 

Tink [email protected]

We have two, yes TWO giveaways this month!

October #SPOOKtacularHop Giveaway! 1

Giveaway #1: Beauty

With October being breast cancer awareness month, we thought we’d do all pink items in our giveaway for beauty!

This prize package includes:

  • FaceCase Makeup case that sticks to your phone and also holds credit cards or cash.
  • My Makeup Brushes Set of 5 makeup Brushes in a pretty pink case!
  • Eye mask – Pretty pink sleep mask.


October #SPOOKtacularHop Giveaway! 2

Giveaway #2: Keto Grab Bag Giveaway

For all of my Keto readers/fans, I am bringing you 5 great items!

This prize package includes:



  1. Kelly Woods
  2. Kelly Woods
  3. Lily Kwan
  4. Kieran G Ruder
  5. Kieran G Ruder
  6. Rachel Browning
  7. Ed
  8. Heather Kaufman
  9. Theresa
  10. Julie
  11. kathy pease
  12. Amber Kolb
  13. Audrey Stewart
  14. Audrey Stewart
  15. Audrey Stewart
  16. Sandy
  17. elicia p
  18. Jo Ricker
  19. Laurie Emerson
  20. Mary Gardner
  21. Tink
  22. JS
  23. Angelique Meisner
  24. Tracey L
  25. Megan Parsons
  26. Helen
  27. Leela
  28. Leela
  29. Jessica Hays
  30. Jessica Hays
  31. Diane McMahon
  32. Diane McMahon
  33. Jeanine
  34. Jeanine
  35. Jeanine Bevacqua
  36. Jeanine Carlson
  37. Lisa Vanhook
  38. Jeanine Carlson
  39. Jenna L Tomaszewski
  40. Jeanine Bevacqua
  41. Cassandra D
  42. Leah Shumack
  43. Seyma Bennett
  44. wen budro
  45. adriana
  46. Buddy Garrett
  47. Leela
  48. Michelle st pierre
  49. Michelle St Pierre
  50. Megan Wilson
  51. Tara L
  52. Helga
  53. Helga
  54. latanya
  55. Dana Rodriguez
  56. Christy Peeples DuBois
  57. sam m
  58. Jeanna Massman
  59. Victoria Barbour
  60. Jeanine Bevacqua
  61. LeAnn Harbert
  62. kathi bennett
  63. Minta Boggs
  64. Laurie Nykaza
  65. chickie brewer
  66. monique s
  67. Tiffany S
  68. Heather Kaufman
  69. Megan Parsons
  70. Megan Parsons
  71. Quinn Merriam
  72. Jessica Peeling
  73. Robin Abrams
  74. Robin Abrams
  75. Nancy
  76. chickie brewer
  77. chickie brewer
  78. Edye
  79. Debra Branigan
  80. Linda Walker
  81. Ashley c
  82. Marilyn Nawara
  83. Marilyn Nawara
  84. Susan Smith
  85. Heather Kaufman
  86. Monique Rizzo
  87. Mary Cloud
  88. Ronda Patrick
  89. Tamra Phelps
  90. bn100
  91. Tiffany Banks
  92. Antoinette M
  93. Nicole Fall
  94. Debbi Wellenstein
  95. Melissa Storms
  96. Chrystal D
  97. Debbie P
  98. Heather K
  99. beth shepherd
  100. Rhonda
  101. monique s
  102. Domenica KROLLAGE
  103. Carol Luciano
  104. Carol Luciano
  105. Pauline Milner
  106. Rochelle Haynes

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