Top 6 Habits To Achieve The Better Life You Are Chasing

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To some, the habits they strive to master lead to things like getting more sleep, to read more, etc. While those are fine, they simply impact only oneself.  I am a believer that the road to this better life that we are chasing, should be filled with things that impact more than just ourselves, but those around us that share our daily lives. In doing so, I believe they will, in the end, also impact those singular desires once we get our lives in order.

These top 6 habits will help you create a better life:

#1 Family



#2 Save

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#3 Clean

#4 Organize

#5 Health

The way we eat has a significant impact on our day and how we react and interact with others.

#6 Be A Better Friend

5 ways to be a better friend


I really believe if you focus on these areas, everything falls into place. You’ll be organized and organized with your cleaning routine, giving to your family and friends, saving for a better life, all of this will relieve stress and, in turn, provide better sleep and time for self-care. Lastly, I wanted to share the 31-day Pattern of Giving Challenge. Apply it to family, friends, coworkers, anyone who touches your life. You never know who you’re having an impact on! Let me know what you implement and the changes you note or anything you think merits adding to the list. I look forward to your comments.


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