10 Organization Ideas Under $10

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Amazing tips for organization! And all under $10! So pinning!






Organizing is one of my favorite things.

Even if it's not my idea and one I've found elsewhere, I have a sense of satisfaction knowing things are clean and in their space. Everything has its own space.

It's even more important the smaller your space is. And I know the budget is a concern. Nonetheless, keeping an organized home is a must.

I'm bringing you some of the easiest and cheapest ways to organize. All under $10.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn some money if you click on one. Read the full disclaimer here.

Some are things I already do and some are just great ideas I've yet to incorporate or just don't apply to me but are still worth sharing.

While these may be simple, they will have you feeling that sense of satisfaction of having part of your life organized. The best part is that they’re all under $10. Let me know which you think you'd like to try.

Task & Occasion Box

There isn't any of us who don't give cards for special occasions to those in our lives. Plus most of us have projects we are working on. I

10 Organization Ideas Under $10 1
I adapted mine from this idea found here:

keep a file box (this is the exact one I have) on my desk with a printed calendar clipped to the front with birthdays, anniversaries and deadlines written on the dates. They have a metal one at Dollar Tree. In the file box, I keep folders dated for each month that I've pre0-selected the cards and dropped in the file. I also keep files for what I am currently working on. I also buy cards in bulk because they are cheaper.

Organize Under the Sink

We have an astronomical amount of spray bottles, am I right?! Keeping all of that under the sink contained is easier than you think!

10 Organization Ideas Under $10 2

It's a simple as a tension rod! Just put it in near the top where your bottles have room to hang.  I put mine towards the back though. where you can hang your spray bottle cleaners and a plastic caddy that’ll hold your cleaning supplies. Who would have thought that you could completely organize your under the sink space for less than $10?

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Organize Jewelry

I hate nothing more than tangled jewelry. I recently packed tossed mine in a makeup bag for a trip and it was the BIGGEST mistake. It took forever to detangle the jumbled mess. I found the idea on Pinterest to use a divided pill container for jewelry storage. This is so great for travel because it takes little space and trust me when I say you do not want to get those knots out. Just drop necklaces, earrings, and rings into each box.

Flip-Flop and Flats Storage

My name is Dee Dee and I have an addiction. To flip flops and flats. So I have two great options for you for storing your flip-flops and flats. You can use a magazine holder or basket that has minimal cost. They will not only be organized but easy to grab as well.

Organize Your Desk

I hate an unorganized desk. It's so inefficient and prevents good productivity. But I like pretty organization. Simply picking up small plastic containers will get you organized. You can get them at Dollar tree or there's some here. It's also great for craft organization. They’ll fit perfectly in your drawers and keep them at hand..

Lids Organization

Pot lids have always been an issue. Putting them upside down in the pot so that you can stack them still doesn't work. They just take up so much room. The easy remedy is command strips. Place them on the inside of the door out enough so the hooks hold them without falling.

Organize Canned Goods

If you are looking to get those canned goods under control, I have a super simple remedy. Simply magazine holders. Get several and put like cans in each. You can face the cans toward you or turn around and put a cute label on.

Label Everything

And I mean everything. Whether it's baskets in the linen closet or labeling items in your pantry, you will save time and confusion by simply affixing labels.

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Organize Hair Dryer, Straighteners & Curling Irons

Simply attach a metal file organizer to the inside of your vanity and it will hold your hair dryer, straighteners and curling irons. You can attach with command strips or hooks.

Organize Nail Polish, Makeup & Odds, and Ends

If you are like me and have a lot of miscellaneous makeup and polish, you can easily find storage for these by buying inexpensive plastic containers and attaching inside your cabinet with command strips. Now they won't be rolling all over the place.


I hope these help you get organized. These are not only effective but they will look great as well.

If you ever have organization questions, let me know. I might just have a remedy. Don't forget to comment if you try any of these! I'd love to hear from you!

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