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22 DIY Gifts Under $10

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For me, sticking to a budget includes budgeting gifts for others. This doesn't mean that they aren't special, however. I always look for ideas that I can keep and then turn into something meaningful for them. Although some people think homemade gifts are tacky, this is not true for the majority of those receiving a gift. For example, my job is working with college girls, so the best gift I ever received was a box of cards.  Because they were DIY they contained personalized notes and photos to share things they loved about me and our time together.  Try this list of homemade gifts for yourself and you will find that it serves you well.

This is my master list I've compiled of $10 or less gifts that I use it to think outside the box and create the best gift. Use this to create special gifts for those close to you!

Awesome Homemade Gifts

Personalized Coffee Mugs

Use a Sharpie to create a meaningful gift that is so inexpensive. Blank mugs are a great DIY starter, because you can pick them up at Dollar Tree for $1.

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 1 22 DIY Gifts Under $10 2

Glitter Mugs

Although, Sharpies are great for quotes, phrases and doodles, you can also go with this option! Create a glitter mug with these simple directions. Or, use the glitter and personalized directions to create an even more amazing gift!

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 3

Homemade Bath Bombs

Most women love bath bombs, however we hate buying them at $10 a pop! So, make some for the ladies on your gift list!

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 4

Tea-Cup Pincushion

Those that sew or like to do their own mending will love this simple, less than 5 minute pincushion because it speaks to their interests!

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 5

DIY Photo Pendant

Because the possibilities are so open ended, these personalized pendants are great for birthdays, Valentines, Christmas, you name it!

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 6

Homemade Sign

Think outside the box on this, because you can create one saying Dad, Sis, BFF, etc! Although this is a homemade gift, it still looks super expensive!

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 7

DIY Ring Dish

These Ring dishes look so expensive but aren't! And totally doable! Great for the gals who love jewelry!

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 8

DIY Marble Vase

For the person on your list who loves to plant. These make a beautiful and unique gift.

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 9

DIY Quote Pillow

The DIY quote pillow is such a cute gift for family or friends. Use a quote they love, a movie quote, or song lyric.

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 10 22 DIY Gifts Under $10 11

DIY Watercolour Clock

Easy to make clock for that someone that likes a unique space, has a home office, etc.

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 12

DIY Personalized Oil and Vinegar Bottles

For the cook on your list make unique oil and vinegar bottles.

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 13

Shell Ring Dish

Useful for jewelry or desk supplies, these shell ring dishes will make them smile.

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 14

DIY Crystals

I love these! I would incorporate this with the DIY ring dish for a coordinating but unique gift set!

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 15

DIY Photo Holders

Great for photos or small paper mementos, these DIY mini mountain photo holders are a super cute gift.

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 16

Dipped Shot Glasses

If you're looking for a pretty handmade gift idea, then here's a DIY that is so easy and so chic and elegant.

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 17

DIY Serving Tray

This tray makes an excellent gift for someone who enjoys playing hostess. They will love this unique and beautiful serving tray. It's simply a couple of bar pulls and a cutting board. Incorporate the dipped shot glasses above makes it more spectacular!

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 18

For The Book Lover

Know someone who loves to read? Make them bookends they will love.

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 19

DIY Succulent Planter

Create a beautiful succulent planter for the person who loves plants.

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 20

Faux Granite Coasters

These coasters are so simple even kids can make them! They turn out beautifully and each unique. They would make a perfect for an inexpensive handmade gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Christmas.

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 21

Personalized Wine Glasses

Most of us love nothing more than photos of family and friends and anyone would be sure to love these!

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 22

DIY Pendant Necklace With Agate

This DIY is so easy you won't believe it with results this stunning! Perfect for the jewelry lover on your list!

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 23

DIY Gilded Edge Agate Coasters

Forget the $100+ price tag, these guys cost just $8 each to make (or less, if you find an inexpensive agate source).

22 DIY Gifts Under $10 24


These homemade gifts really do the trick and they save you from going over budget when you ware trying not to spend.  Gifts are fun to give so it's easy to splurge when you are doing something for someone else; even if it's not the best thing for you.  That's why I love making homemade gifts to show I care without opening the door to overspending.


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