Genius Hairspray Hacks

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Genius Hairspray Hacks 1

Hairspray is probably the most multifaceted product. It can help your hairstyle but did you know that the modest spray shines with a wide variety of other uses? I’ve compiled these Genius Hairspray Hacks to share. These are hacks I was completely unaware of, for the most part, and I just had to share how genius they are!

Here’s a list of hairspray helps from the blogger world. Let me know which you’ve tried. 

Tame Unruly Brows

hairspray hacks 1

 Tame those unruly brows by spraying a mascara wand (or toothbrush) with hairspray, and apply it to your brow.From Lilluna

Keep Curtains Looking Beautiful

hairspray hacks 2

Curtains can be so expensive! Keep them looking new and dust free by spraying with hairspray.

Smooth Flyaway Hairs

This is a favorite of mine. I have flyaways, especially with that short, new growth. A tried and true method for me is spraying a brush (I use a toothbrush) with hairspray and combing them down.

hairspray hack 3

Make Flowers Last Longer

Genius Hairspray Hacks 2

Flowers are expensive and don’t last that long. Change that by using hairspray on the underside of the petals to prevent them from wilting.

Dry Nails Fast

Genius Hairspray Hacks 3

If you’re like me, it’s hard to sit still waiting for nails to dry. Dry them faster using some hairspray sprayed lightly.

Strengthen Tights and Stockings And Stop Runs

Genius Hairspray Hacks 4

Spray your tights and stockings prior to wear to strengthen them. Stop a run in its tracks by spraying with hairspray. 

Thread a Needle 

Genius Hairspray Hacks 5

We’ve all struggled with threading needles before, right? Spray the thread with hairspray, wait a sec for it to dry and it will thread smoothly.

Remove Lint 

Genius Hairspray Hacks 6

Use a cloth or dryer sheet sprayed with hairspray to remove lint or hair. 

Eliminate Static

Genius Hairspray Hacks 7

Spray your dress, pants leg, etc with hairspray to prevent them from riding up due to static.

Extend the Life of Your Shoe Polish

Genius Hairspray Hacks 8

Let’s face it, shining shoes is a lot of work, right? Make it to last as long as by spraying a light coat onto the shoes after polishing to set the color and help it last longer.

It takes a lot to look great right? Nope! A little hairspray fixes so much! Let me know what uses you have for hairspray. I’d love to hear!

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