Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry

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Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry 2Vented In Brooklyn® Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry with a Mission!

Feel Good Smell Good Do Good

Feel Good by reminding yourself and stating your Power Word
during the day. You can achieve your goal! You are a WARRIOR!

Smell Good by practicing the ancient art of aromatherapy by adding
your favorite essential oil to your Vented bracelet.
Inhale your wrist, breathe out and repeat! Destress that crap away!

Do Good by knowing when you buy a Vented bracelet that you are
gifting a bracelet to a cancer patient. That person will then know
that they are not alone going through treatment and their cancer journey.

🔹 Diffuse essential oils wherever you go to destress, uplift or invigorate!!
🔹 Add EO to back vent and onto absorbent paper between plates,
🔹 Scent diffuses through from front “Vents”.
🔹 Each bracelets is made of brass that is then coated in real gold, real rose gold and real rhodium. Finished in a shiny metal hammered finish.
🔹 Adjustable braided waxed cotton cord fits most sizes- 7 to 10 inches.
🔹Gives back to charity with every purchase!

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Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry 4Azura Jewelry is a mission-driven company that offers sophisticated and dainty designs to make women look and feel their best. Our designs are inspired by a diverse set of personal stories which encourage women to create positive change in their lives. 

 The Crescent Moon Necklace priced at $56 with further details described below:

  • It makes a good holiday gift because of its unique and beautiful design.

  • It represents how your love for her waxes stronger.

  • It carries a positive energy that spurs her on to actualise her plans, dreams, and ideas

  • It is adjustable in length to suit her look and fit perfectly

  • The base metal is 925 Sterling Silver and gold-plated with a thick 14k yellow gold coating. 

  • It will arrive at her doorstep beautifully packaged, making it a perfect holiday gift.

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