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Dollar Store Hacks That Will Make You Look Like a Genius






Truth be told, the dollar store is one of my favorite stores. Whether it is Family Dollar in  Greenville SC, or Florida, your nearest Family Dollar has great stuff! Before going to a pricier retailer, you should always hit up your local dollar store first. I am not a super cheap person either. But why would anybody pay full price for everyday items that you can get for cheap?! They have many amazing items for your home, crafts, and so much more from the dollar store. And everything is just a dollar.

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15 Insanely Clever DIY’s That Will Actually Organize Your Desk

desk accessories

Desk organization is so important. Not only will you lose focus with disarray but you waste time hunting for things.  In order to be productive,  organization of your desk is an absolute must! You don’t have to spend big bucks either. Simple desk organizers can be made with little expense and look great! These are the top 15, the best of the best and most pinned on Pinterest DIY’s to organize your desk.

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13 Dollar Store Organization Hacks You Can Actually Use

Whether you’re on a budget or organization is just NOT where you want to spend your hard-earned dollars, check out the dollar store for inspired ways to organize your house and look great at the same time! I know, I know, you think it’ll look cheap. But trust me with this one. Bloggers are the BEST at finding ways to take ordinary dollar store items and turn them into something. Something that looks incredible.

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Fashion You’ll Want To Live In

School has started and, I know, all the posts everyone writes on fashion are geared to the kids. Well, moms want to look good and trendy too, right?! Well, I am here to tell you how to do that and budget friendly! Especially if you are the type that doesn’t know HOW to put styles together. I am here to help!

Some moms really struggle with the day to day wardrobe. Things that are comfortable, kid friendly (you know, you can take the kids to school and look cute but it will hold up to the baby spitting up on you lol) and are budget friendly. What does your day-to-day fall/winter wardrobe look like?

For me, as a work at home mom, my day to day is similar to this:

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10 All Natural Face Scrubs Every Girl Needs To Know

Love these all natural scrubs! The ones you buy have so many chemicals. I am using this and making my own. So pinning!

So many of us wonder how to improve our skin. If your skin looks bad, everyone sees it.

What is a sugar scrub?

When I worked in the corporate world, I had a lot of compliments on my skin. Especially my legs. I wore dresses and skirts every day because I knew that my legs looked good. The key to my great skin is exfoliation. Exfoliation needs to be in your routine. It is what aids in the removal of dead skin cells.  Exfoliation also prevents little white bumps (almost like a white head but you can’t pop).  These pop up around the nose. If you get these, you are not exfoliating enough.  Be gentle. You are just sloughing off loose and dead surface cells. Also important is hydrating your skin once you remove the dead skin cells.

Sugar scrubs are simply an exfoliator.

I prefer chemical free, natural, granular exfoliation scrubs. You know, like those containing sugar or coffee, oil, and the essential oils you like. Sugar is a great option as a natural source of glycolic acid. Glycolic acid will encourage cell turnover thereby generating younger looking skin. As someone on the keto/low carb diet, I avoid sugar for my health so how ironic is it that it helps your skin?! Also ironic is how amazing they smell and being natural, you may be tempted to eat them. But don’t. Its main purpose is to help exfoliate your skin. You need to remove the dead skin cells so the new blood can flourish and shine.


Sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid and glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that penetrates and breaks down the bonds that hold skin cells together encouraging cell turnover and generating younger looking skin.

Another great thing about your own scrub is that you are not harming the environment. Companies were using plastic beads as the scrub that was clogging our waters. These DIY scrubs I have compiled for you are made from natural ingredients and are bio-degradable.

10 All Natural Face Scrubs Every Girl Needs To Know

While those fancy scrubs you buy are harsh and chemical ridden are expensive, these natural scrubs are not expensive at all and take about 5 minutes to make. The most expensive part will be what you select for storage. Select something that seals well. This can be a simple plastic container, but remember, these scrubs are beautiful. You can store them in some beautiful jars and set on the counter.  These scrubs will not only leave you clean but leave you glowing.

Great for your skin. Great for the environment. Cost less. Win-win in my book!

Cleansing Charcoal Facial Scrub 

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