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7 Tips For A Successful New Years Party

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7 Tips For A Successful New Years Party 2If you are hosting a New Year’s party, these tips will help keep you stress-free as you ring in the New Year.

Hope y’all are enjoying your holidays so far! I like to spend my holidays with friends and family. The more the merrier. So, I thought I’d run through how I pull off a stress-free New Years party. 

I’ll share a few tips from my New Years party checklist as y’all asked a few questions the decor and food selection I use. I figured y’all could use my tips as you’re making your final preps forNew Years!

7 Tips For A Successful New Years Party 3Plan Your Guest List & Send Invites

New Year's parties are a hot commodity and with the multitude parties,  you'll need to plan your guest list early and send invites so they may save the event.

Pick Your Decor

Decide on a color scheme and make sure you have tablecloths, napkins and any other decor you see fit. String lights and add any decor that will reflect the light with sparkling grandeur. Find a festive clock that allows you and guests to watch for the midnight hour.  Repurpose your silver Christmas decor and ornaments in your scheme. Use them as centerpieces as well.

7 Tips For A Successful New Years Party 4Table Setting

Forego your good stuff for plasticware that is higher end. It'll be festive while not getting your good stuff broken in the revelry. Another good option is getting on DollarTree.com. There you'll find silver and gold chargers as well as white plates with a silver or gold rim by the case. They also carry plastic champagne flutes and glass cocktail glasses.

7 Tips For A Successful New Years Party 5Food & Cocktails

Either hire a bartender, allow for partygoers to make their own drinks, or have premixed 'signature' cocktails at the ready.  Be sure to have enough supply of drinks (and everything else for that matter) so you don't lose your guests. Have a variety of foods. That way if someone is allergic to one thing, there are other options. Here are some of my ideas that I'll be having:

CHEESE BOARD: I always serve a charcuterie (meat and cheese board)! They are welcomed by all guests and make for a  stunning presentation.

FINGER FOODS: Have a variety of appetizers. A great way to keep them warm is crockpots (I love those new ones that you can connect several together for a buffet style) or chafers. I personally steer clear of the chafers due to its open flame. I typically serve BBQ cocktail weenies (simply throw the cocktail weenies in a crockpot with BBQ sauce and turn on to warm them, meatballs, and vegetable tray, to name a few.

DRINKS: I served a premade pitcher of Mules, champagne, and sparkling water. 7 Tips For A Successful New Years Party 6


Have separate tables set up for drinks, food, appetizers, etc. Have them out of the way or along the walls. You can rent high tops so people can mingle and not juggle plates and drinks.

7 Tips For A Successful New Years Party 7Occupy Their Time Prior to Ball Drop

I like to play music that isn't too loud and allows for conversation. I also play a couple of games (left/right game), as well as my guessing game (I have people fill out a slip of paper with what their high or low was for the year. They are put in a jar and I read them off. Guests guess who's it was that I read).


Plan For Those Who Drink Heavily7 Tips For A Successful New Years Party 8

Don't let partygoers that imbibed too heavily leave after the ball drops. You won't want it on your conscience if something should happen to someone who left your party over intoxicated. To prepare for this, purchase some airbeds. These airbeds require no extra equipment as the pump is built in. They have a variety of sizes and styles and even raised styles so they are more like a regular bed. I use this one when family or friends come in from out of town and for kids coming over.

One last note: Don't forget your pets. New Years (and Fourth of July) is very stressful to dogs due to the fireworks. If you aren't going to be home, that's additional stress on your pet. Thanks to Green Coast Pet, JJ will have a treat that is made from her favorite, Peanut Butter. These special treats, Full-Spectrum Soft Chews, support a calm and relaxed demeanor (as well as other benefits) thanks to the 3 mg of added hemp extract per chew. Be sure to think about your pets this holiday season. Anxiety from the loud noises is a real thing.


I hope these tips help you have a successful and stress-free New Years party. Let me know if you used any of these tips or if you have a tip I missed. I'd love to hear from you!

Hope y’all have a great New Years! I’m off to spend time with fam & friends! xoxo.


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