5 Mind-Blowingly Good Slow Cooker Dinners for Easy Weeknights

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5 Mind-Blowingly Good Slow Cooker Dinners for Easy Weeknights | 5 top easy slow cooker dinners perfect for busy nights.



5 Mind-Blowingly Good Slow Cooker Dinners for Easy Weeknights 2


We all have those nights that we need dinner but we’re busy from getting home late from work to athletic event nights to meetings.


With a little forethought, you can accomplish some easy dinners for those nights. These  are kid-friendly meals, believe me, with cooking for 8 children, I know what they like and don’t like!



So, with that forethought, a few ingredients (these recipes take between 2-4 ingredients!), a little prep and a slow cooker, you’ve got what it takes to pull off these family-friendly dinners that will be the highlight of your week! 


The second most used item in my kitchen is my slow cooker (the first is my air fryer! I actually have a few as they are my secret weapon to pull of holidays, parties, game days, etc.



My number one tip for you with these and any other slow cooker meal is low and slow. It is always best to cook on low for extended time rather than short time at a high temp.


That low and slow produces THE most tender and juicy meats!


I love that I can take whatever meat I have on hand and pretty much make up my own dish with one or two added items!


I’m bringing you my 5 favorite dishes we cook on the regular in our slow cooker.


Don’t be afraid to come up with your own recipes and, if you have more than one crock, you can also make a side dish (like mac n cheese!) and/or dessert.



As a bonus tip, these are go-to meals while on vacation for us. We can be down at the beach while dinner cooks low and slow and come back to dinner that’s ready!


No being stuck in the kitchen for us! Also, we keep the basic pantry ingredients on hand. We stock up at the store when they are BOGO.





Here are our 5 family favorite slow cooker dinners that you just have to try:



#1 Best Easy Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwich

5 Mind-Blowingly Good Slow Cooker Dinners for Easy Weeknights 4


This is my personal favorite! I love a good french dip sandwich! They can be made for dinner and I make enough for work lunches.  Try it and let me know if this beats your favorite restaurant version. 



#2 Easy Dr. Pepper BBQ Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

5 Mind-Blowingly Good Slow Cooker Dinners for Easy Weeknights 5

For the BBQ lover, this pulled pork will hit the spot! Three ingredients to the most delicious tender pork after a long day! Great for busy weeknights or potlucks. 



#3 Easy 3 Ingredient Dr. Pepper BBQ Crockpot Ribs


5 Mind-Blowingly Good Slow Cooker Dinners for Easy Weeknights 6


Another hit for the BBQ lover, these ribs are just what they need! These slow cooker ribs melt-in-your-mouth  and your slow cooker does all the work! 



#4 Easy Slow Cooker General Tso Chicken

5 Mind-Blowingly Good Slow Cooker Dinners for Easy Weeknights 7

Our family are HUGE Chines food fans! While we love it, we don’t love what it costs to eat out. This is a tasty General Tso versoin that is super easy and budget-friendly, especially for our large family! If you love Chinese food, this (and our Orange chicken-see below) is a must try! So much better than takeout! 



#5 Easy Sweet & Tangy Crock Pot Orange Chicken 

5 Mind-Blowingly Good Slow Cooker Dinners for Easy Weeknights 7

Our slow cooker orange chicken is so simple to make and that sweet and tangy glaze that’s so delicious!!



There you have it! Our top 5 go-to family meals that are easy and make tasty dinners.


Instead of eating out on nights that the schedule is crazy, think ahead and pull these together with little effort and you will be the hit of your family (without the hit to the budget!).

After you try them, stop back by and share your thoughts and maybe the pics of your dinner. Not only do I love to see them but the readers do as well!



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