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How to Stay in Ketosis in Epcot at Walt Disney World

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how to stay in ketosis


Any diet has it's tough moments of temptation, but do not worry about slipping out of ketosis on account of your vacation in Disney World.  

It's no more difficult to stay in ketosis on Disney property than anywhere else (other than your home). Actually, Disney World is one of the best places dieters can go to eat foods that are okay for them in a restaurant setting.  

This is because Disney goes out of there way to make dining comfortable for those who suffer allergies to certain foods. As a result, any special diet can ride on the coattails of these considerations. Here is an example of how to stay in ketosis in Epcot:

How to stay in ketosis in Epcot at table service restaurants

Future World

how to stay in ketosisThe first answer in how to stay in ketosis in Epcot is that table Service is your best bet when you plan on special ordering food to meet dietary needs.  

Among the best of these are buffets. In the case of Future World, there is no buffet, but Coral Reef has an excellent track record for providing keto friendly meals without a problem.  Their customer service is reliably exceptional.

World Showcase

It's probably best to save your appetite for a good World Showcase restaurant on whichever day you are eating keto in Epcot.  

There are two buffets, Akershus and Biergarten. Both have exceptional offerings that are keto friendly.

The restaurant with the menu that best speaks to how to stay in ketosis in Epcot is actually Spice Road Table in Morocco.

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How to stay in ketosis in Epcot at quick service restaurants

Your go-to fuel in Epcot is a little surprising given the park's reputation for cuisine.  If you ever find yourself in need of a quick hassle free bite, then stop at one of the hotdog locations.  

On opposite ends of the World Showcase are some pretty nondescript counter service spots. Refreshment Port is just outside the Canada Pavilion and the Refreshment Outpost is in the African Outpost, between China and Germany.  

Both of these places serve hot dogs, which you will want to have with mustard and without the bun.

Starbucks is another easy fallback.  Like hot dogs, Starbucks is found in every Disney park.  However, it always goes by different names to better blend in with the theming.

This Starbucks is located near the right breezeway as you pas Spaceship Earth. It's called Fountain View.  

The main draw to Starbucks is the customizable drink menu that allows you to make virtually any Starbucks beverage keto friendly.  

The food is not so fitting, however, a breakfast sandwich without the bread component will certainly suffice.

Future World

Electric Umbrella is the first food place you will come across that is a good choice if you are staying keto in Epcot.  

The thing you want most here is the Angus Cheeseburger or the Angus Bacon Cheeseburger without the bun or fries.

The other place in Future World you want to go to is Sunshine Seasons in The Land Pavilion.

The best thing to get here is the Oak Grilled Rotisserie Chicken without rice.

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World Showcase

I have two favorite Word Showcase quick service counters for keto in Epcot, also.

Cantina De San Angel is a terrific taco stand on the water, just outside the Mexico Pavilion.  Here, order the Mexican Ensalada with Chicken, or Barbacoa.

Ask for it without corn and with extra guacamole.  

A few pavilions down Sommerfest is a good alternative to Refreshment Outpost. This is where you can get a Bratwurst or a Frankfurter with Mustard and Sauerkraut.  

Get it bunless and ask for no chips.


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