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Starting A Bullet Journal

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Getting Started With Bullet Journaling

If you like the idea of using a bullet journal to jot down the task you need to complete, uplifting quotes, or create a system to check off tasks as you complete them, but need direction, I got you covered! Let me share some really fun bullet journal pages ideas that you can create a custom bullet journal to fit your exact needs and some start supplies that work great!

Let your creativity flow and create a one-of-a-kind journal that allows you to express yourself, keep you organized, or help release any thoughts you might have flowing in your mind.

Many have found that bullet journaling is a great way to relax and de-stress from the day. It can also be a great creative outlet at the same time, which is really fun. You can be any age, and start a bullet journal to fit whatever needs or wants you may want.

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What Is A Bullet Journal?

Bullet Journal is a completely customizable organization system. It will organize by weekly spread, monthly spread, to-do list, movies, books, sketchbook, notebook, and even a diary, but is only limited by your imagination!

Supplies for Starting a Bullet Journal

Where To Buy Bullet Journal Supplies - Bullet journaling is so huge right now that you can pick up some inexpensive basics from WalMart or what I like to do is order on my Prime Account from Amazon and get the high-quality journaling items in two days.

Colored Fine Point Pens are great because they add color and style to your page without bleeding through! One thing that is highly addictive with bullet journaling is buying all the fun colors of pens and markers.
Calendar stickers are great if you want to save time writing out the date for each month. Use these stickers to help create a break so you can keep track of each day.
These Mini Dot stickers are great to put for little bullet points to help stand out to check items off your list, or create breaks in your pages.
Buy some of these Copper clips! They are great for holding a stencil in place as well as marking a page for easy access.
These Stainless Steel Stencils is such a fun one to have. You can re-use these stencils over and over again, to create fun banners and breaks in your pages.
Check out these bullet journal templates, these are really nice if you are not the best at free handing writing.
Stickers are something you can not get enough with when you bullet journal. Fun, colorful, unique, and even inspiring stickers. Depending on your style of journaling, I guarantee you will find the perfect set of stickers to meet your needs.
Washi tape is another really popular item. I love washi tape because you can cut and shape to fit the size or style you want. Here is a really awesome variety pack to get you started.
A pen hoop can be attached to any style journal, and is great to be able to reach for your pen with ease! I love these and it comes in a pack so you have a variety of colors.
If you plan to buy a lot of washi tape you might like this washi tape storage system to keep track of your tape and supplies a lot easier.


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Bullet Journal Ideas To Consider

Here are some really popular bullet journal ideas to help get you started. The beauty of bullet journaling is there is no wrong or right way to do it. You have complete control to create a system that works for you. While you can find tons of inspiration online, you can also create something that is unique just for you!

Weekly Log | This is a good one where you can write out tasks you want complete, but don't give them a specific due date. Then as the week progresses, you can look at your log and know things you need to work on for the week. It is a neat way not to feel stressed as much over deadlines.
Break Up Your Day | Break up your day into time periods, so you can write out tasks to have completed for each section of the day. You could do something like morning, noon, night, etc.
Weekly Schedule | If you have a busy schedule you might do a basic schedule. You could write uplifting quotes to keep you encouraged and stay on track with chores and work.
Weight Loss | I love the idea of a bullet journal to help you keep track of the food you have eaten, your weight loss, measurements and more. Add in some inspirational quotes to keep you going strong!
Birthday Logs | Keep track of all your friends and family's birthday's so you never miss another one! This is something I so need to do for myself!

  • Doctor Appointments
  • Bill Tracker
  • Water Intake
  • Goals You Set For Yourself
  • Favorite Shows
  • Movies You Want To Watch
  • Savings Tracker
  • Master Grocery List
  • Holiday List Gift Guide
  • Cleaning Schedule
  • Home Maintenance List
  • Uplifting Quotes
  • Bible Journaling
  • Tracking Books Read
  • And More.


I hope these inspire you to keep your life organized and ordered. The ideas to consider are basic tips and tricks for what to list in your journal and only limited by your imagination. So give them a try and let me know what you think!

Now, if you have questions about this post, let me know in the comment below. I’d love to help you!

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