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Keto Flu – What is It and How To Beat It

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Keto Flu - What is It and How To Beat It 1

Keto Flu - What is It and How To Beat It

Congratulations on taking control of your health! The most difficult part will soon be over. Any time we begin a new diet or habit we can expect a bit of discomfort. And, the keto diet is no exception. 

The keto flu. It is a real thing. The keto flu is a real thing for many who take part in the low carb diet. Not everyone will experience the exact symptoms or severity, but it is wise to know what to expect when starting the keto diet, and how to beat it without feeling like you got knocked to the ground.

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Many have given up this low carb diet because they couldn't handle or stick with the diet because the symptoms were harsh on their bodies.

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But do know with these tips below you can beat the keto flu and get well on your way to tackling the keto diet the best way you can. There are ways to help beat the keto flu and not feel so miserable during this phase of the diet. Be ahead of the game or if you are struggling currently with the keto flu, let's calm those symptoms down.

Symptoms Of Keto Flu

  • Brain fog
  • Nausea
  • Lightheaded or Dizzy
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Flu-Like Symptoms
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Sugar Cravings

7 Ways To Help With Keto Flu Symptoms


Make sure that you work hard at staying hydrated. Dehydration can magnify your symptoms and leave you feeling a lot sicker. You can buy water that has electrolytes like Smart Water, where it is straight water no sugar or calories. You can also get some mineral water so that you gain the mineral that you might be needing. Make sure to drink that water. Some people say that drinking bone broth has helped reduce symptoms, but there is no true study to show it actually helps or not. 

Seafood or Fish Oil

Taking a fish oil each day is a great way to help lower the risk of getting unwanted headaches. You can also eat seafood like salmon or even sardines that have a lot of fat. Eating a fatty fish or taking fish oil can help reduce the headaches as a result of arachidonic acid that is being released into your blood.

Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium

You can lose sodium and potassium at the start of your diet, which can cause you to feel lightheaded, stomach struggles, constipation, fatigue, and even headaches. You want to incorporate foods like leafy greens and avocados to ensure you are getting the potassium your body needs. Adding in extra salt in your diet is good as well. Add some unrefined salt on your meals so that you can try and replace what you have lost. You can also find a supplement to ensure you are getting the appropriate amount of potassium and magnesium. Potassium Gluconate is a great supplement that many find success with.

Get Your Sleep

Make sure that you make sleep a priority. If you are attempting the keto diet on minimal sleep. Ensuring you get the sleep your body needs is a must because if you do not sleep good, your cortisol levels will rise making your symptoms even worse. You need to try to get a good solid 7-8 hours of sleep each night. On top of that, it is good to fit in at least a 30-minute nap each day as well.


Reducing your stress rate during your beginning stages of the keto diet can help. When you get stressed it can be harsh on our bodies, so reducing stress can leave you feeling a bit better. Try to meditate, journal, or even do a devotional each day. However you find a way to relax your mind and body, this is a must every day during your first week or two on the keto diet. It isn't a bad thing to continue after.

Low-Intensity Workouts First Thing

Grab your water bottle and head out the door for a nice walk around your neighborhood. Having a low-intensity workout first thing will help you to start burning the fat. If you feel like it is making you feel fatigued to do a low-intensity workout in the morning, it might show signs that you are dehydrated. Try pushing electrolytes and eating more foods with potassium and magnesium, and add more sodium to your diet.

Eat More Fat

Helping your body learn to adapt to the keto diet, you can feed yourself fatter. If you have looked up about keto diet, I am sure you have heard of fat bombs. These treats you can eat are filled with fats that are supposed to help your body be level and reduce any symptoms of the keto flu. Aiming for more MCTs in your diet is very helpful. Some show that having MCT in your system can reduce the chance of keto flu altogether. If you can supplement with MCT oil, which some health food stores will have and even online.

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Be prepared for the symptoms and make a plan to reduce them so that you only experience them for a few days. Being prepared will help you focus on the end goal, which is to lose weight. It will also help you be mindful that at the beginning of anything new, there will be a few days of discomfort. If you are prepared for that, you will view the discomfort as simply part of the process.

These options above can help tremendously in reducing the side effects of starting the keto diet. Share your tips below to help others out with what worked for you!






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