20 Keto Snacks That Cut The Cravings And Help You Lose The Weight

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A common misconception for those looking into or starting keto is that you won’t be able to snack. While it IS important to choose the right ones so they don’t knock you out of ketosis, you can in fact snack. There are also many great snacks that will cut your cravings and keep you satiated until dinner.

Snacking with keto isn’t what you were used to snacking on before keto. You’ll need to rethink what snacks are to you. Gone are the days of packages of cookies and bags of chips. Stick to low carb, high-fat options. There are many great ready to go snacks and some awesome recipes to keep you in ketosis, cut the cravings, and keep you from feeling deprived.

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Ready To Go Snacks:

Pork Rinds

Beef Jerky

String Cheese


Dark Chocolate (sweetened with Stevia)



Quest or One Bars

Sugar-Free Jello

Sugar-Free Popsicles


Homemade Keto Snacks:

The best option is to make homemade snacks. This allows you to know what’s in it and prevent mistakes. I remember years ago before keto I was low carb and a famous low carb ice cream company was found to have mislabeled product. Accidents happen but don’t let it happen to you. Opt for homemade. I’ve compiled a list of some of the tastiest keto treats for you. Be sure to let me know what you think!


These keto snacks are amazing! I can't wait to make these! So pinning!

Eggs are a staple for me on keto. I keep hard boiled eggs on hand for a quick snack to grab (also prevents grabbing a bad snack when I am lazy) and I am known for whipping up a couple impromptu deviled eggs. This recipe is great to snack on but will be great for parties as well.

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Another staple I keep on hand on keto is avocados. What better way to indulge than to incorporate into deviled eggs? Yummm!

Ranch Cauliflower Bites

Via Delish

These unassuming little treats will knock your socks off. They pack a lot of taste in a little bite!


Needing a little crunch in your life? These will have you feeling like you’re eating cheeze -its!


You won’t miss the bread! These are so yummy! You can make any variation based on the meat and cheeses you like. Did you know you can order from Jimmy John’s without the bread? This is another great option! I’ve used it many times.


Once you start keto, you realize how versatile other things are such as cucumbers. Here it’s used like a sandwich to hold your lunchmeat and cheese. I also use slices to dip ranch or guac.


Needing a little crunch and kick? These will do the trick! Simple cracker made from cheese, bacon and jalapeño. If you’re not a jalapeño lover you can leave them off.


This tasty treat will not only satisfy you but your guests if you have a party. Easily serve any of these as appetizers and no one will know they are eating keto unless you tell them!

Low Carb Pepperoni Pizza Cups

via A Spicy Perspective

Low Carb Pepperoni Pizza Cups require only 5 simple ingredients to make, and satisfy serious pizza cravings in one bite.


Keto Cucumber Bites

Via My Keto Recipes

These delicious Keto cucumber bites are filled with a creamy filling. They a great low carb snack and perfect if you’re following keto. A perfect low carb snack that makes a great looking appetizer for parties. You can also use the same mixture to stuff cherry tomatoes for even more options!


Pigs in a Blanket are a popular appetizer and Keto Connect has made them low carb and tasty!


You can’t get any easier than this! Two simple ingredients to complete this simple treat.


If you are hankering for a dip, this simple Buffalo Chicken Dip will be a great option with a little kick!


Fresh, flavorful, and FAST, these easy chicken lettuce wraps will be on the table in no time. They’re a major crowd pleaser!


These five-minute Turkey Bacon Ranch Pinwheels appetizers are not only a crowd-pleaser but a kid pleaser that packs a lot of flavor with very little effort.

Keto Cheese Shell Taco Cups
Yummy taco taste in a tasty cheesy cup. What could be better?!

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