Top 6 Tips That’ll Make Starting a Keto Diet So Much Easier

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Top 6 Tips That’ll Make Starting a Keto Diet So Much Easier 1

So you've been watching my posts and finally decided to start a Keto lifestyle plan. Keto will start you on the road to a healthier life through this way of eating and, with some health issues, has corrected them. Many have lost considerable weight! These Top 6 Tips That’ll Make Starting a Keto Diet So Much Easier will help you get started.

There are a few basic tips to remember when starting a Keto lifestyle plan and I've taken the time to address those here in a quick tip guide to reference. Following these simple tips will help you stick to your Ketogenic lifestyle plan and keep you on track. These are super simple to follow. Check them out, save this guide as a quick reference, and be sure let me know what you think!


In the beginning, it will be hard to wrap your head around the fact that while you are eating more with eggs and bacon vs. cereal, etc. that you will lose and, in most cases, have healthier numbers, if you are one that needs to watch them for health reasons.

Additionally, eggs and bacon will fuel your morning and help you feel full longer, as opposed to cereal or unhealthy options like donuts.

Pasta and Rice are a No-No

If you've done any research, you know that pasta and rice are no-nos on any keto or low carb plan. But don't despair! There are options! With so many following keto and low carb plans, cauliflower and Shirataki Pasta and Rice is now available riced and ready for you to grab to use in dishes you prepare. Another option for pasta that I enjoy is spiralized zucchini. Many stores carry it already spiralized or you can get a spiralizer here to make your own.

Meal Plan

To ensure success, it's a good plan to meal plan. Planning out your lunches and dinner and even making several days ahead helps to be sure that you eat according to your plan and not fall off the plan. Use my handy food guide for keto friendly foods to plan your meals. Freezing is also a good option.


Eat fat. This does not mean the tsp you add to salad or the tsp you cook with. Eat as a food. Eat fats like avocado’s, egg yolks, homemade mayo, olives, grass fed butter on vegetables, etc. Fat will need to be 70-85% of your calories.

Cut Your Carbs

Typically, people do not get into ketosis unless they eat between 30-50 net carbs.  Stricter 20 total carbs for people with severe insulin resistance is recommended.


Another no-no on Keto and low carb plans is flour. Just like with the rice and pasta, there are options. Replace regular flour with with almond flour or coconut flour. They can be used with most of your baking recipes. One of my favorites is 90 second bread. It's super simple and made in the microwave. Stop over to my Pinterest board for my favorite low carb recipes.


Starting a Keto plan doesn’t need to be a frustrating. There are tips that will work for you and you'll learn and use to help you stick to your healthy lifestyle. If you start keto, let me know what works for you!


Top 6 Tips That’ll Make Starting a Keto Diet So Much Easier

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