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How to Slash Your Walt Disney World Budget

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Disney world budget

Slash your Disney World budget with these simple tips.  You will still have an amazing vacation and pay a lot less than you expect.  If you have any budget tips of your own, share below, and let me know which of this you like the most!

Disney Visa

This is the easiest, most obvious way to start saving on your vacation.  

Getting a Disney Visa means Disney Dollars as rewards for your regular spending with the card.  

You usually get a gift card just for signing up.

The rewards points can really rack up and are easily redeemed up to a few weeks before your vacation.  

They's send you a loaded card with your earned Disney Dollars on it.

Just use the card for big monthly payments you already make and be sure to pay it off every month.

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Disney Gift Cards

Disney Gift Cards are awesome.  

Try to get your hands on a bunch.  

The best way to get them is as a gift, but you can also get them at a discount at Sam's Club, or use other store gift cards to buy Disney Gift Cards.

Save on a Room

The Room cost is the most expensive thing.  

Depending on how much you want to cut or how familiar you are with Disney World, there are different ways to save on a room for your Disney World budget.  

Always consider promotions on the Special Offers page before making a decision. I've found the best value to be Moderate Resorts when planning a lower budget trip.  

You don't really miss the amenities and still have a fair amount of convenience.

There are also non-Disney hotels that are significantly less and still within walking distance of Disney Springs.

Budget for Food

Instead of doing the Dining Plan which will not save you money,  come up with a food budget and stick to it.

You can even use the cost of the Dining Plan as inspiration for your budget and eat conservatively.  

Quick service dining is the best.

If you have a kitchen in your room, you can have food delivered from an outside service to avoid paying the Disney prices.  

If you are off property, have continental breakfasts in the morning and your dinners at a nearby non-Disney restaurant.


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Save on Tickets

You can buy discount tickets online to further slash your Disney World budget.  

When you purchase tickets, resist the urge to bundle, or package and get "more for less" only get the tickets you plan to use and skip the park hopper add-ons, no matter how tempting. 

Also, remember, you don't have to have a ticket for every day you are at Disney World.

You will want some relaxation time, too. So for a longer trip, keep one or two days free.


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  • George

    The best one is saving on tickets. Although you are going to Disney for all it has to offer, it is also good to explore other fun things to do around or just relax with the whole family.

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