10 Festive and Easy Keto Holiday Desserts

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Keto holiday desserts are not a myth.  You will love these delicious seasonal treats that you can enjoy while maintaining the keto diet.  Enjoy!

keto holiday desserts

So, you are following the Keto plan, and think you can't have any holiday treats? Think again! There are actually many healthy treats you can make for the holidays that are festive AND tasty! I've compiled my top 10 favorite keto holiday desserts that will allow you to feel indulgent, yet are still maintaining! Let me know what you love and tried!

Snowball Cookies

Sugar-Free Paleo Pecan Snowball Cookies

10 Festive and Easy Keto Holiday Desserts 1

Have a snow day and roll up your sleeves to indulge in this nutty Keto friendly holiday treat!

Shortbread Cookies

Low Carb Shortbread Cookies

10 Festive and Easy Keto Holiday Desserts 2

"Low-carb shortbread cookies" is music to my ears around the holidays.  Besides, they look amazing.

Gingerbread Cake Roll

Gingerbread Cake Roll

10 Festive and Easy Keto Holiday Desserts 3

Yule love this festively spicy treat so much that you won't be able to believe it's keto friendly.

Creme Brûlée

Ultimate Keto Crème Brûlée

10 Festive and Easy Keto Holiday Desserts 4

You have to see it to believe it.  However, trying it yourself will make you doubt if you're being naughty, or nice.

Cream Cheese Cookies

Cream Cheese Cookies

10 Festive and Easy Keto Holiday Desserts 5

Yes to every one of those words.  If you're like me, then this is definitely for you.

Poke Cake

Peppermint Mocha Poke Cake

10 Festive and Easy Keto Holiday Desserts 6

This is maybe the ultimate festive keto treat, because who doesn't love a moist delicious poke cake? Especially with the traditional combo of peppermint and mocha.

Cheesecake Shooters

Keto Cheesecake Shooters

10 Festive and Easy Keto Holiday Desserts 7

Dessert shooters are so perfect for parties, or just for portioning a small dessert.  I especially love this, because cheesecake!

Cheesecake Pie

Cranberry Cheesecake Pie

10 Festive and Easy Keto Holiday Desserts 8

Cranberry is as festive as it gets, so it's a perfect component for delicious keto holiday desserts.

Pumpkin Roll

Pumpkin Roll with Coffee Cream

10 Festive and Easy Keto Holiday Desserts 9

If you love a good Yule log inspired treat, then here's another delicious roll with seasonal spice for you to enjoy.

Brownie Bars

Cream Mint Brownie Bars

10 Festive and Easy Keto Holiday Desserts 10

There is something magical about mint that just feels like winter, so why not give these brownie bars a try this holiday season?

Enjoying the holidays on the keto diet does not have to be difficult.  However, it is not without its challenges.  If you want pointers for staying on track, then this post should help.

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